Sunday, February 26, 2012

Enter Politics - Exit Christ

It appears that United States soldiers inadvertently burned some copies of the Quran. No one suggests it was malicious. President Obama apologized for the mishap to the Muslim community. Enter politics.
Three of the Republican candidates, who claim to be Christians and believe the Bible, condemned the President for apologizing. They say you do not apologize for a mistake, and anyway what about the acts of violence perpetrated upon Americans. This illustrates with observable clarity the vicious hypocrisy that grows in the fertile but fallen ground of American politics.
If you accidentally and inadvertently step on someone’s toe, do you apologize? Of course. And has anyone heard of the golden rule? If I’m not mistaken it’s in the Bible. So let me get this straight. The dictates of the Scriptures, and the moral conduct of Christians, can be altered when our enemies act in a way inconsistent with what Jesus taught? Our faith is now reactionary and dependant upon the actions of others?
Let us burn the Bible and start all over since it means nothing anymore. And this new Bible should have as its template the Constitution of the United States. And in this new edition of the Bible, Jesus could give us an update.

Jesus says,
Dear brothers and sisters,
After reviewing some of the things I said in my last book, I realize now they were way too difficult and completely unrealistic. Having proof read some of my previous comments, let me present you with some updates that are much more pragmatic and culturally acceptable:”

* Hate and kill your enemy.
* Worry about the economy.
* Be overtly proud about where you were born.
* Reject humility since it suggests weakness.
* Yield your allegiance to Jesus and your denomination and your country and even your political party.
* Go ye into all the world and spread the gospel and democracy.
* When you are persecuted squeal very loudly.
* Watch and pray and legislate.
* Blessed are the politically active.
* If someone smites you on your cheek, go to war.
* Feed the poor sparingly lest you appear liberal.
* If someone asks you for your coat, tell him to get a job.
* If Caesar is conservative, support him.
* The founding fathers are the modern day apostles.
* Vote without ceasing.
* Rejoice evermore if the Republicans win.

“OK, these are a few of the changes I have made. Look them over and let me know if I need to change anything else. After all, I am YOUR servant.” - Jesus


Anonymous said...

Powerful post to expose the hypocrisy most people don't want to see.

Anonymous said...

How about
God Bless America, regardless of its fruitless plains.

Anonymous said...


I like your posts for the most part, and there is truth in them, but this political stuff, well, put it this way,

I am not an "extremeness" nor do I idolize politics. I can discern just recently w/in this election we had and the one coming up of "issues" that are not Godly.

But I do STILL have a problem w/ those that don't take the responsibility of voting.

It is one thing to idolize people, icons, stautes, politics, football games, sports and their players and it is another thing to not be prevvy on what is going on "in the world" and still being of HIS WORLD .

If everyone took the notion NOT TO VOTE or felt "the Lord was leading them" NOT TO VOTE, (and I will not dispute those that say that because that is between them and the Lord) but millions do not have that "insight" from the Lord and if we suggest that we are not going to vote , well that too is wrong, AS I SEE IT. It should be kept silent, since the Lord did not say "GO OUT AND TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU WILL NOT VOTE"

I say this , because I have heard often times people say "well I am not going to vote because this man has not got it all together the way I like it"

Well, look at what is out there now. IN OFFICE. AND IN the White House.

If everyone feels they are not to vote, we will have 4 more years of what is in the WHite House and things are already going to be tough as nails to turn over and around what has been done behind closed doors.

This is America, we do live in it and we are here on Earth.

We have rights and many are being taken away from us but many more will if Obama is re elected.

Does that mean that the next person will do better? I have no idea, I can hope , pray unto the Lord, continue to ask that the next will open their hearts unto HIM and all that are in high positions and stay faithful unto the Lord as we walk through all that will happen in coming years.

And I can vote, for the one that seems to be doing at least somethings right . They all have a political agenda and none of it is of the Lord, if it is of Man, but we do have rights and we must do as we feel is correct and o.k.

As far as appologizing -- well two wrongs don't make a right, the only right is of the Lord but I will not judge those that did what they did nor the comments that were made by the political people. I do not know their hearts and politics does enter in and the Lord has not showed me, personally , HIS THINKING. I want to see through HIS EYES and yes, we all have far to go and much of what we have learned-----is not of HIM but of opinions . We all need to search the truth and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us ALL THINGS.

I will be voting this year, as many million others do and I will continue to pray that we vote in the right person - at least the one that can help , though we all know that GOD IS IN CONTROL and He has the final say because He is the only one that knows the time and the day and the hour. The rest of us, just have to have faith and use discernment and trust in HIM FIRST always.

Rick Frueh said...

Everyone is entitled to their own cosncience. As I have said many times, I do not judge, but I do share what I believe.

shannon said...

Anonymous said:

"I am not an "extremeness" nor do I idolize politics. I can discern just recently w/in this election we had and the one coming up of "issues" that are not Godly."

Since Satan is the "god of this world", 2Corinthians 4:4, all world governments are governed by his (Satan's) servants. A person with the Spirit of God believes that the politics of this world are only demonic. There is nothing "Godly" in them. Either one has the Spirit of God, is a servant of Jesus Christ, or he has the spirit of anti-christ, and is a servant of Satan.

Jesus said that "My kingdom is not of this world....", John 18:36. We cannot expect that any worldly organization would govern "Godly" since they do not have His Spirit.

These worldly governments of the nations are none of a believer's concern. This world is not our home. Imagine if, as an example, an individual who is a citizen of North Korea were to go to Canada, for instance, and put in a vote demanding a change in the way they choose to govern their nation! This is ridiculous to consider. We, who have been born of the Holy Spirit of God are to be "looking" for our Redeemer Jesus Christ to take us to our True home. This world is a temporary residence for us. We are visitors here. Our true citizenship is already in heaven and from it we look for our Savior, Philippians 3:20.

I do not have time right now to address more concerns I have with much of "Anonymous" post, but will at a later date.


Rick Frueh said...

We should be sharing the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ (when led) for the hope that is in us.
Man in their own human effort is attempting to fix problems that the Lord God subjected this world to futility, emptiness without Him.
For me to tell others to put their trust in man is telling the builder to build on a foundation of sand. Kelli

Steve said...

You're right on the mark with your "political" posts, brother. If Jesus is Lord, He's Lord of all man's thoughts and deeds...including the political.

And let's face it: the attack on the Church' belief and obedience has come the past 30 years MOSTLY from the political sphere, disguised as "Hey, we're your friends, and have the same values you Christians do."

Let's ALL keep sounding the alarm to the straying Body of Christ !!

In Jesus, Steve

shannon said...

Anonymous had said "But I do STILL have a problem w/ those that don't take the responsibility of voting."

As far as those who don't vote and previously had, all of us born anew are growing in the Lord and we all have shared on how the Lord is transforming us by the renewing of our mind.

For those born anew of the Spirit of God, since this world is not our home, Hebrews 11:8-10, and we believers are pilgrims passing through this world on our way to a better land, our true homeland, it is not our responsibility to vote here in this world. As a matter of fact, reading in 1Samuel, we note that God appointed Saul over the people, giving them their hearts desire, since they wanted to be as all the other nations of the world. They were looking at the world through physical eyes, instead of spiritual eyes. They wanted a 'physical' king like all the other nations. They rejected God as their Provider/Protector. They did not vote for Saul. He was appointed by God Himself. Romans 13:1,2 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.