Friday, February 10, 2012

One More Step Toward Eternity

* Israel might attack Iran
* North Korea has nuclear weapons
* The world’s economy is uncertain
* Bombs still explode in Afghanistan
* The child porn business booms
* Abortion runs unrestrained
* Hatred abounds
* Drug addiction is an epidemic
* Violence is everywhere
* Divorce is rampant
* Perversion is a lifestyle
* Unemployment is very high
* Earthquakes are commonplace
* Racial tensions continue
* Religious hatred thrives
* Modern tsunamis lurk
* Iran may get a nuclear weapon
* India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons pointed at each other
* China continues to grow economically and militarily
* AIDs and Malaria kill millions in Africa
* A comet might destroy Earth
* I have an insulin dependent case of diabetes
* I’ve had 3 heart attacks
* Four years ago my wife of thirty years ran off with an unbeliever
* I can only sleep about 4 hours a day

Well, some ask, you must feel real anxious about everything that’s going on.
No, I count it all joy, and in fact, it’s just one more step toward eternity. To be completely honest with you, eternity is the only thing I can completely count on tomorrow.
Praise the Matchless Name of Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I pray the Lord help you with rest and sleep. I suffer with the same problem. A bunch of health problems worsened by pain and insomnia at night. It prevents one from depending on oneself; we are weak, but He is strong. I just have to keep believing that.

Please know that many are experiencing this with you in spirit, even though we don't even know each other. Hang in there! In Jesus' beautiful Name!!

Anonymous said...

"Fixing our eyes on things above, where Christ sits..."

Our treasure is in heaven, drawing our hearts there too.

Dear brother, I wouldn't have guessed you suffer such afflictions of body, mind, and heart. What a faith-building example your faith is! It is all because of Him, and I know I can access that hope and security as well as you! Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

"all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purposes..."

Such promises bring joy to our hearts - when joy is the last thing that unbelievers would expect us to have.

Bless you, Rick.

Cal said...

Wow, thank God in Jesus Christ! His name be praised!

With all of that, especially the destruction of your marriage, many would be as Job's wife "Curse God and die". But praise Him in you that you carry on still. You'll always be in my prayers brother.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rick,

My first time commenting but have been reading your posts for quite a while now. Thanks to Christ for bringing me to this place, when I really needed it. It's been a place of help, encouragement and correction.

Not knowing you personally, or your sufferings, thank you for your faithfulness in continuing to write, it is a blessing. Thanks to Jesus who keeps you going. All of us going.

I've been praying for you and will continue to pray for you.

All glory to Jesus!

Rick Frueh said...

Thank all of you for your encouraging words.