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Last night I led a Communion observance online on Facebook. Can you even imagine such a thing? Several years ago when David, my youngest son, signed me up for Facebook I thought it was kinda like a dating site. But I have found believers read and post there and in a few years I have found fellowship there. And in the past month I felt led of the Spirit to lead a Communion service online there.
I had never heard of an online Lord's Supper but I went by faith knowing that with the Spirit there is no time or space which can hinder Him. And so it was a glorious time in Christ. We will be observing it again on the last Saturday in April. Everyone brings their own juice or wine and bread and you just go to me timeline on Facebook. I post some worship music in order to prepare our hearts and then I post a devotional concerning Communion. Then I post about the bread along with a worship song, and then a devotional about the blood along with a worship song, and then a final prayer with a hymn.
There are prayers throughout and we wait for everyone. It was a genuine miracle. I invite you to join us at the end of April. My FB name is of course Rick Frueh. E-mail me at with a friend request. Below are some of my devotionals.

Before we remember our Lord Jesus in the elements please allow me the undeserved privilege of sharing a devotional concerning Jesus and the glory of His cross. What tongue can do it justice? What mind can ascend to its holiness? The world is unconcerned and religion clings to Cain’s works and most of the church practices a self serving form without the substance. But this is Jesus. There is nothing within the elements themselves, but there is the presence of God Himself in this observance. Baptism happens but once, but our Lord gave us a gift which we can experience as often as we desire.

The cross itself is a great mystery. And within that mystery are other mysteries. The Incarnation, the love of God, the grace of God, and other mysteries are all unfurled in the cross. The unregenerate man sees nothing and the religious man see jewelry. Place yourself at the scene. Blood and seat and odor and moaning and wounds. There is nothing that would draw fondness or even curiosity. In fact it is repulsive in the extreme. And when we realize Who it is that is being tortured and mocked and slain we are shocked and repulsed as well we should be. This is man’s worst in full display as well as God’s best in full display. The schemes of men can never defeat the purposes of God and the acts of men have provided redemption for multitudes.

Do not deceive yourself. This was not just for thieves and murderers and adulterers and vicious criminals. This was for vicious criminals like you and like me who hid behind self righteous cloaks while dead men’s bones rattled inside our own hearts. Yes, this bloody sacrifice was provided and offered for deep and unworthy sinners like us. And who can really know such a thing in all its glory and wonder? That a Holy God would come in the likeness of one of us and then die at all, much less die upon the cross and in public for all to see and for some to mock is the highest of mysteries.

The millions of gallons of blood drawn for the veins of goats and lambs and bulls could never wash away one sin forever. But the blood of this Scapegoat can make sinners like you and like me clean forever. Who can know such a thing? But he who has been plunged beneath its cleansing flood is not only awakened to its power, but he must sing its praises forever. Golgotha. There is our place of redemption. There was the blood applied. There we were raised from death to life everlasting. This is no religious talisman. This is the place that our eternity was changed and our redemption was sealed.

So as we begin this Communion service let us not discount its importance and the presence of the Precious Holy Spirit. We do not approach it with religious superstition, nor do we see it as adding to our eternal redemption. No, this is a spiritual feast, instituted by Christ the Lamb, and is fed to our hearts. This is another gift of grace where we can remember Jesus. Should we not stop from our busy earthly lives often and remember Him? But this is a special time unlike any other. This is worship at its zenith if we take our eyes off ourselves and off the world and we mentally and spiritually drown ourselves in His remembrance and His presence.

This is not a celebration of Passover. This is a celebration of Jesus who IS our Passover. Can you fully understand such an incredible love God has for His people? Not only has Christ suffered and died for us, and not only has the Holy Spirit drawn us the Jesus, and not only have we been born again in the Spirit and made partakers of this holy sacrifice, but Jesus Himself ordained an observance whereby we can remember Him and His cross. Even though others may misuse Communion let us never discount its sacred mission. Through it let us remember Him, and that, my friends, is the highest though ever allowed a human heart.

“Oh Dear Lord Jesus we enter into Your presence with hearts of faith and gratefulness. We bow before You majesty and we humbly thank You for Your redemption for our souls. May You receive the praise of our hearts as we partake of elements which represent Your body and blood. And we submit to the Spirit for only He can make us one regardless of distance between us as believers in Your name. Amen.”


I Cor.11: 23 For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you, that the Lord Jesus the same night in which he was betrayed took bread:

24 And when he had given thanks, he brake it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.


Here we see Jesus breaking the bread with His own hands. What a spectacle of amazement. This bread represents His body which is the Bread of Life come down from heaven and yet He Himself is breaking it for His followers. Jesus had said no man takes His life but He Himself lays it down. This, when understood, should present to us a sacred foreshadowing when He did it and a sacred remembrance today.

Oh how easy it was to tear a loaf apart, but oh what suffering there will be when His body is torn apart…for us. The giving of His body upon the cross is not just emotional sentimentality however it is filled with emotional sentimentality. The clearer we see the truth, and the clearer we see ourselves in that cross, the more we rejoice, the more we remember Him, and the more we experience a holy emotion. This sinless Lamb was not giving His body for His followers. No, that would come later. He was allowing His body to be shredded and tortured and murdered for miscreants and sinners who desired no part of Him.

And in His eternal plan God in the Person of the Holy Spirit would draw uncaring rebels like you and like me so that we could see with spirit eyes who He was and what He has done. So as we partake of the bread let us deeply remember everything about this sacrifice, and above all let us remember Him.

Let us pray: Lord we come to you without one plea. Without your sacrifice we would be condemned forever and yet here we are your very children. It is a miracle more wonderful than words could ever fully reveal. This bread represents your batter and bruised and torn body which you willingly gave for us. We bow in worship and glory and as we eat this bread our hearts are partaking of Your precious body. This we do in remembrance of You.

Now partake of that which represents His body…


I Cor.11: 25 After the same manner also he took the cup, when he had supped, saying, this cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me.

26 For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord's death till he come.


Here we have a heart rendering scene. Jesus shares what He calls the “cup” to His disciples. This will not be a cup of blessing for Him, but it will be a cup of eternal blessing for all who drink of it. This will be a cup of suffering and anguish for the spotless Lamb of God. And this man, this God, will drink fully from it. The Scriptures speak of the “blood of God” and surely it is that. That God would come as a man is beyond us altogether, but that God would submit Himself to the fists and spittle and mocking of spiritual criminals cannot be understood by any natural mind.

And then we see the blood. Before the cross sinful men drew from the veins of God the crimson flood which carried in it eternal redemption. By the time the Lamb of God reached Golgotha He was a scarlet massacre. Who can even fathom such a sight! Who among us would not have the urge to hide our eyes, and yet because we have been cleansed by that sea of red we gaze at it will eyes full of tears and hearts full of love. What unregenerate man can understand those who see a man being tortured beyond recognition and yet bow in love and gratefulness? It is past knowing to the natural man.

And instead of leaving that vision forever the Lord Himself beckons us to remember. And His words say “Remember Me” and happy and eager we are to do so. The world can never understand the power of the blood, but to we who have been washed and made alive by its power we will never forget. It is to us the life force of all eternity, and He alone is our Savior.

Let us pray: Once again we are at You Supper which You gave to us. We are ever mindful of what this juice means. We can never fully fathom a love which drew the blood from Emmanuel’s veins. But what we do know humbles us and draws our hearts to worship You the Lamb which takes away our sins. You shed Your blood, Jesus, and as we drink of this symbol our hearts remember the blood You shed for us.

Let us drink of the juice which represents His blood…

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chinese Church

This is what it truly means to gather in His name.
The American church service is a scam and a fraud,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Brothers and Sisters

I post regularly on Facebook and sometimes I will post here.

Rick Frueh

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Going to Church???

The phrase “going to church” is a misnomer and misleading. The word “church” itself has become a colloquialism for all sorts of things which in truth are not the church. In the Old Testament words and phrases like Tabernacle and Sanctuary and tent of meeting were used. They more accurately described what that building was used for. But today we call a building a “church” which not only is inaccurate but has over the years completely changed the meaning of the word church.
In the New Testament the Greek word “ecclesia” is translated “church” and it depicts a gathering, a group, or the called out ones. It has absolutely nothing to do with a building. In fact large buildings came into existence during the time of that carnal and wicked emperor Constantine. He built buildings for Christians as well as other pagan religions and believers adopted his self serving offering. Since then buildings have been built all over the world including large and ornate edifices that are now called a church. And so here we are.
The more correct question would be can a believer not interact and fellowship with other believers and still walk with Christ? To that I would say no. But there are many shut ins who derive their meat from the Scripture and perhaps a few visitors. The visitation from pastors to shut ins has become a lost practice but decades ago it was part of a pastor’s ministry. And if the religious organization (church) is large then good luck with having the pastor visit you for any reason. They have a staff member assigned for those mundane irritants.
But I do believe reading or hearing Biblical messages by a man of God must be a mainstay in a believer’s spiritual life. That can be done through the internet these days. I would strongly advise against Christian television. Most “churches” do not have any corporate prayer of any significance so you are not missing that. But now there are blogs and websites and FaceBook where you can interact and fellowship with other like minded believers. You see, many if not most of the “churches” in your area are man made constructs and follow the spirit of this world. They are patriotic and moralistic and money dependent as well as war supporting institutions which really have very little to do with Christ.
So the ultimate question is would God desire His people to gather in a local institution which is built and operates in the strength of man? Can that possibly be the will of the Spirit just so you can “punch your ticket” and say you “went to church”? I know scores of people who have grown spiritually because they left the institution commonly called church. They no longer sit under utilitarian messages designed to make you successful. They no longer have to endure 4th of July services filled with idolatry. They no longer have to be in the midst of pastor idolization. And many have found it a great blessing to use their money for missions and the ministry to the poor and not have it go to buildings and large staff. They feel like they have been set free.
But there is a responsibility that comes with leaving the institution known as church. You must feed your spirit. You must be in the Word. You must deepen your prayer life. You must fellowship with other believers somehow. And you must not allow your distaste for the system you left to puff you up. You must allow the Spirit to strip you of any pride or self righteousness. And any spiritual progress you make must make you grateful and more humble. And when you interact on the internet you will find those with whom you must break fellowship because some are self righteous and caustic, but the Spirit will also teach you that no one will completely agree with you. And when a believer has a different perspective about something, even something about which you feel strongly, if the brother or sister is humble and seems to love Jesus then you can overlook other things.
You are the church, or at least part of it. In these last days there are many ways to interact with other true yokefellow and to benefit spiritually from other’s gifts. But we must be diligent in our seeking of Christ. I personally have benefitted greatly from internet fellowship with other believers. I have written extensively about the compromises of the local “church” constructs” elsewhere so I will not belabor the point. But what good can it possibly be to sit in a pew and feel nothing but uncomfortable? What good can it be to hear ear tickling messages? When you go Sunday after Sunday only to revisit the same redundant construct you did the Sunday before is that of the Spirit? When no one weeps with repentance and the service is designed to be “uplifting” so people will return…is that of the Spirit?
I suggest all of pray without ceasing and allow the Spirit to use these internet forums to edify, convict, and exhort us as we continue in His Word and watch the power of the Word break us and remake us into His image.