Thursday, February 02, 2012

In Full Disclosure

I believe abortion is murder - pure and simple without qualifications and with no exceptions. I do not vote or get involved with politics, but I encourage those believers who still do to at least vote for someone who is pro-life even when the spotlight of an election is not on him. In this year’s election that would have to be Rick Santorum. To vote economically at the expense of attempting to prevent murder is at odds with all that is Christian.
I have supported the local Crisis Pregnancy Center and have also given money to families who adopted babies from mothers who may have otherwise had them aborted. However I will always feel somewhat guilty since I did not adopt any children personally. I often feel hypocritical on the issue of abortion. I share this to encourage those who read this to adopt unwanted babies if you are able. And if you can convince a mother who is going to have an abortion to let you adopt, I believe God will bless you for that.
If I had it to do over again I would certainly do some things differently.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Rick, do you really believe that voting Santorum into office would save one life?
Wasn't GW supposed to put an end to abortion, too?
It's not legislation that will save children, but the gospel. And if we were all willing to take in more unwanted children...give them homes and love.

Rick Frueh said...

No, I don't. It was just a matter of principal for those hwo vote. The better path is the gospel and not voting.