Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bishop Eddie Long


The Spirit of Antichrist

Bishop Eddie Long reached an out of court settlement with the young men who accused him of untoward and perhaps illegal acts committed upon them. I believe he missed but a few Sundays away from his pulpit. Last Sunday a man called Rabbi Ralph Messer ministered at the church where Eddie Long is pastor.
What you will witness is almost unbelievable. And after you witness this debacle, perhaps your imagination can now grasp how the antichrist will rise to power.

Here is that video.

Flee the wrath to come. The end is gaining velocity.


William Birch said...

I saw this on facebook and was disgusted. The man who would allow this nonsense to be declared over him speaks way more of HIM than it does of those in such deception!

Anonymous said...

Here is a fake rabbi making a fake king the whole Messianic Jewish movement is condemning this Messer man