Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Reunion
Although I reject violence now, I was a witness to many miracles the Lord did in the lives of American soldiers. And I do admire those who place their lives for the cause of others. Those of us who reject war must never turn a self righteous eye to others who have shown much bravery.
I heard a soldier named Tim Lee who had lost both his legs in Vietnam, and because of that he gave his heart to Christ. Tim recounts in his testimony how a Christian black man in his company named Lee Gore pricked his heart. On the very last day in Vietnam before Tim Lee was to return home, he stepped on a mine. Losing blood, both his legs, and perhaps his life, his friend Lee Gore picked him up and rushed him to medical attention and saved his life.
Tim Lee became an evangelist. He had not seen or heard from Lee Gore for over 9 years, and the church where he would preach located Lee Gore and secretly flew him to the service. It was a patriotic service with which we are all familiar, but that is not the issue here. At the end of his message, this is what happened.

A Reunion!

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