Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update on Internet Fellowship


(In just one hour of posting this I have received requests from all over the world. Please pray that a nobody like me can be used by THE Somebody of all eternity.)

I have been blogging for almsot 7 years now. I have found many people who are so distraught with the direction of the institutional church that they have either withdrawn completely, or they still attend but have a longing in their hearts for something more spiritually edifying. I have been encouraged by people to see if some kind of innternet ecclesia would be possible
As I have thought and prayed about beginning an internet fellowship of believers I have felt very inadequate. I consider myself a pilgrim who has many, many miles to go before I will arrive. It is a great responsibility to teach the Word and I can feel that weight. Yes, I do teach God’s Word on my blog, but this would be another step of divine responsibility. I also am well aware that I do not have all the answers. I can only feed to you what the Spirit has graciously allowed me to understand.

So it with a profound sense of humility and meekness that I will begin. The first step will be that I will begin to post messages on a YouTube account and subsequently post them on my blog. My daughter-in-law will help me with the electronic issues. If the Lord continues to lead, I will then progress to a more interactive format, but until then I will answer questions posted under the YouTube video. I hope to also be reformatting my blog so people can access the videos directly. I also will send a monthy newsletter to those who sign up through e-mail. It will contain some missionary infromation, some humor, some quotes, some anecdotes, some teaching, and perhaps a short biography. Please e-mail me at spcrick@msn.com if you wish to be included.

Step by step. Please pray with much patience.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Brother Rick. I believe that most of what you do is "preaching" and not (merely-though I don't mean to denigrate teaching the Word by using the word "merely) "teaching." I mean that I believe Preaching is a holy and sacred activity that ministers the living power of the Word Heb.4:12; we must be praying for you if we are to recieve and respond to the preached Word from the Lord's counsel.
Humbly submitted,

Cherie c. said...

Here Here Victoria!

Could not have said it any better dear sister.

Joy, joy!

Thanks and Praise to our God! How Great is our God, sing with me, How Great is our God, and all will see, How Great, How Great is out God!

Cherie c.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Rick, Praise God for this fellowship! I am really looking forward to this and will continue to pray that the Lord will direct you and give you His wisdom.