Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pardon Me


I hope you get the subtle but startling reality depicted in this drawing by an internet friend of mine whose blog is entitled "Weeping Jeremiah".

Who are we really worshiping?


Cherie c, said...

Just wanted to take a minute Pastor to Thank you for the site reference. I am again floored with the conviction of it.

You really should do the internet church Pastor. I know it will be difficult, but He made you for this. My heart knows that time is of the essence and I truly believe that this unchurched child of God needs much teaching for time has been wasted. I have learned so much already, Glory to God, and from some of the posts I have seen, I am not the only one who believes and needs this church.

It time Pastor to be the Pastor of the unchurched. The unchurched Pastor shepherding the unchurched while waiting for the True Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

I also believe that there will come a time that the government will take down a site like that, so time is of the essence.

I am going to start downloading the pages so I have them if the Lord should tarry and they take true Bible teaching off the internet.

Praying God's Will for this endeavor.

Cherie c.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Rick,

Seconding Cherie- internet church. You have a gift and there are many of us out here who need teaching and fellowship and don't attend a local physical church for various reasons. I very briefly attended an internet church who used Paltalk as their forum. Like once. It seemed to go fairly smoothly. Everybody sang at the first, then the room was opened for fellowship at the end. I know that for the members it is free unless they want fancy stuff. Not sure about the facilitator. Just a thought. I mean, you talk about people being called out right- well if we are being called out we need to be taught as if we were called out. At a different level perhaps- not necessarily a higher one. It might be like boot camp in some ways, or back to the basics even- you stress that so much. We have to be able to walk before we can run, right?! Ok. I'm getting excited just hoping about the idea so I will stop now and just pray that God will touch you heart about this as I spend another Sunday wishing I had somewhere I belonged.
Hannah S.

Cherie c. said...

Oh Hannah S. I so echo your longing for true Pastoral preaching.

I would like to fellowship if you like? We can also open a Paltalk room for women fellowship if you want to help me run it.

God Bless you.
Cherie c.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in women's fellowship on-line. Victoria

Cherie c. said...

Blessed to have you sister Victoria!

Church and fellowship, true blessing.

Please email me at

Cherie c.