Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Inauguration


Monday is the Presidential Inauguration. It will cost in excess of 100 million dollars. How about raising your hand, taking the oath, and going to the Outback for dinner? And oh yes, donating 100 million dollars to the poor and needy?
I do not believe Jesus supports this kind of hedonistic pageantry, in fact if the Bible is true, I know He does not.

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Anonymous said...

It's just awful to see sinful amounts of money being used just for fanfare and celebrations. Monarchies do it, and elections.....all the money changing hands, wealthy kingmakers donating to campaigns, the money spent on elections, I suppose it's in the billions.

And we all pay for it through the teeth, or through our taxes. But we want it so, because we live in the freest, most prosperous nations in the world. I suppose King Solomon's palace was built during famines, or King Herod's temple was raised during bitter occupations while lepers died in leper colonies. So much injustice in the world. As long as humans are in charge, it will never change.

I think we all contribute a tiny bit in these injustices by our choices, choices to remain in the countries that spend these excesses. And we continue to enjoy living bountifully in countries that allow abortion, allow capital punishment, or allow guaranteed rights and entitlements to all. Our governments use our tax dollars to pay for questionnable research, questionnable practices that we probably don't know about. We are all sinning and coming short of the glory of God every day, by way of participating in this world's systems.

And sometimes, when I think about it, I cringe, because it reminds me of how miserable I am. I want to live comfortably, but at what price? Am I willing to leave the land of excess and live in poverty? Am still mulling on that.