Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sensationalism or Reality at the Doorstep?


For over two thousand years men of faith have proclaimed His second coming while attempting to piece together the signs. Almost without exception each generation thought they would be a witness to His glorious appearing, and most definitely that was as God had planned it. Some were deceived and sold everything and climbed hills and mountains in anticipation, only to be disappointed and shown to be fools. But when earthly prosperity came upon much of the world the hunger and thirst to see Him soon began to dissipate.

The eyes that once searched the skies were now imprisoned by the things of this world. The cares of this world are now the building blocks of life. Year after year His coming is pushed to the side in order to make way for all kinds of temporal messages given as lullabies to a generation that sleeps while walking. Can a blind man read signs? Then how can a church, sleeping and blind, see what is nearer than when we first believed? With eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear the church is consumed with itself even while gently using His name.

But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

But in the face of such words we continue to play. The word “watch” carries with it the night watches. It signifies someone who is attentive to the point of losing sleep. Sober and spiritually vigilant, those who watch have eyes fixated upon that which is unseen now but which soon will be seen. And the exhortation to pray is much deeper than the token offerings given before meals or the paltry sentences spoken on Sunday morning’s redundant gatherings. This is a warning.

On that great and terrible day no one will care who wins on American Idol, or which football team is the champion, or even how much money you do or do not have. It will all be useless and of no concern. Like a man in panic as he sees his house in flames and is stripped of all concerns but one: How can I get my family out? On that day the entire world numbering in the billions will have no interest in the temporal. Billions will seek that which is eternal. Billions will panic. Billions will cry out. Billions will be trapped in their own sins.

The Creator, Christ Jesus, is returning. And just as He said He brings with Him a swift reward for a few and swift judgment for many.

If this is true than what else really matters? If this coming scenario is accurate then who will stand in His presence but those who knelt in His presence beforehand? What words can move your soul? What warnings might stir your interest? You have heard all this before, and surely you have seen clowns saying the same kind of words and even setting dates. And indeed you have. But what if those fools are agents of deception used by the evil one to suggest to you that the entire prophetic scenario should only be believed by fools like him? What if men like that are creative ruses used to activate men’s intellects and thereby insure their ultimate deception? What if truth is being used to deceive because it comes from the mouth of fools or self righteous men?

Do you believe that the world can go on much longer? Even atheists believe there is a coming world wide crisis. But they do not see it within the framework of prophetic fulfillment. People have forgotten that Jesus promised He would return. The eastern sky crackles with anticipation.

There are no words that can accurately paint the coming revelation in which the King of all Kings takes His rightful throne. Some will bask in His glory while most will suffer under its weight. The temporal is rapidly approach its benediction. This is not some prophetic curiosity that can be tossed around over ice cream. When this has come to pass, that which once seemed like imagery will shake the world, and everything that served as safety and reality will be gone. Sensationalism? Fear mongering? Melodramatic? Oh there may an element of those things, however, there is much more than an element of truth. Christ is the beginning and the end, and besides Him there is no life, only certain death.
The Father calls out to every open heart, “Who do you say that my Son is?”
Be very careful, your answer will determine your eternity.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Pastor Rick for this timely reminder. We certainly are part of the generation who no longer cares about the ultimate return of our Lord. As you say, our generation has become obsessed with earthly 'prosperity', without realizing that this is exactly what is used to enslave and impoverish us. The world has managed to 'sell' us into a system whereby the majority of people work so hard to make a handful of people exceedingly wealthy. And those who cannot work face a misery of their own. Even some of us who anticipate our Lord's return often worry about life's day to day needs. Let us hope that Christ returns soon, to take His rightful place.

Cherie c. said...

How is it that the message here speaks to my spirit, but not to my husband?

Thank you Pastor Rick for being brief today. As I shared your message with my husband I was able to stop in time for my husband to watch his Sports Reporter show on ESPN.

I give God the Glory that this morning we were able to spend some time in the Word. He asked me questions and as I answered, even with the Bible in front of us, he could not understand. Just couldn't see it. How is it possible for a man to say he has a relationship with Jesus, yet at the same time be vocal about his disdain as he told me that Tiger Woods is trying to reconcile with his former wife? How can he tell me to my face what he believes (he says taught), yet not believe the Word of God right in front of him? I cannot begin to comprehend it. That is until he left the room and the Spirit spoke to my heart and reminded me that I was once just like him. And I said in my heart, oh Lord you are so right. So I lovingly told my husband that I too did not understand at one time, but that I was drawn to learn more and better understand. He will have to do so too. He sees my sister (blood relative) with her Jewish clothing and becomes confused while being around the lost. To clarify, we went to my nephew's wedding yesterday, my sister' (yes same one) older son married his live in girlfriend. His mother condemns, he thanks me his aunt for not, but I did tell him that I was happy that he got married. Sad thing is is that his now wife only married him for health insurance since she left her job. But he lovers her, even her faults. He will be a good husband, I just hope he seeks the Lord.

So you see my husband is so confused, but says I am the wrong kind of Christian because I don't see God his way. I told him I follow the God of the Bible, not the God of this county or of Rome.

Not self-righteous, just wiser, thank God. I study the Bible to have it burned into my heart and mind because I fear one day it may be taken away from me, and because I love it and because we NEED to read it everyday. Also, What does the Word say:

Hebrews 10:31
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

So I humbly follow the One who died for me and tells me to follow His commandments. The first and second mostly. Keeps me on the narrow.

My heart goes out to my husband. So do my prayers, but doesn't he have to do something too? Doesn't he have to want to know the Lord? With all manner of love my husband is a bit lazy. Oh he cleans up the yard, and works very hard, but does so with as little effort as possible and complains when he has to do more than what he thinks he should. I keep telling him a walk with the Lord is a tough road, it is not easy but there is great reward, so I am not surprised he rejects it. So what am I to do? Just love him with the same Love shown to me.

"Sensationalism? Fear mongering? Melodramatic?"

No Pastor Rick, not any of the above, pure reality that is being ignored on purpose because of a host of reasons.

Thank you for your message and God Bless.

Cherie c.

Cherie c. said...

Hannah S.

I left you a message on the Pardon Me Post.

your sister in Christ Jesus,
Cherie c.

Cherie c. said...

Pastor if you allow the following post. Thank you.

Sisters in Christ, it would be a blessing to have a women's fellowship once a week. Just for the sisters in Christ. A Bible study of sorts, but mainly fellowship to encourage, support and love one another especially in these last days as the Word says to do.
Many of us are unchurched so as you do I miss the fellowship as well.

Also, please pray that the internet church God is placing on Pastor Rick's heart comes to fruition because we need to assemble together and be taught the Word of God in truth.

Pastor has a calling that he has received in humbleness, and a passion for the Word without caring how it feels to others. Truth, real truth is what we need while the Word edifies us. If he accepts this calling he has much on his shoulders so I am confident in the Lord that he has chosen rightly. Only in the Lord. But we must be willing to undergo hard and fast truth that will make you cry, weep even all day or days. We cannot honestly say we have ever heard the Word so honestly presented in any church we have attended. That I believe is a blessing from the Lord. Demonstration of true Love for us to call us out from among those who are about to receive judgement.

But I have to stress why we need to fellowship now. There is a time that is coming, and quickly if you follow any discernment ministries (some are okay, yes okay, and others are absolutely terrible) putting out there some scary things the current "church" is doing and planning and it involves things we were warned about in Scripture:

John 16:2
They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

It is coming. We who follow the Lord in His entirety are targets. So we need to act know. Alarming? Yes! Real? A somber yes.

But do not let your hearts be troubled. If we use the internet church (God Willing) that Pastor Rick is considering, and fellowship together as Scripture calls for:

Hebrews 10:25

25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

1 John 1:7
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

The Pastor's call to:

2 Corinthians 8:4
Praying us with much intreaty that we would receive the gift, and take upon us the fellowship of the ministering to the saints.

The importance of church:

2 Thessalonians 2:1-2

Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,

2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.

1 Corinthians 1:10
Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

I can be reached at

I look forward to the fellowship. God Bless

your sister in Christ Jesus,
Cherie c.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again and again and again. I remember how excited we were when we were reborn. I felt like Ebenezer Scrooge waking up from his frightful night of 3 spirits, and realizing that he had been given a second chance; dancing and twirling and giggling.

When we did a church study on the coming last days and prophecy, all I wanted was for the Lord to come quickly. This was at the time that the United States was involved in helping to liberate Kuwait. At that time, pastors and christian authors were writing books, studies, and there was such a trend for anything prophetic. It was a time of anticipation, repentence, seeking; but then some prophetic teachers took a wrong turn, and started marketing their predictions, even true believing teachers. It turned a lot of unbelievers further away.

Since then, society is increasingly getting ungodly and arrogant. No one can be taught, because the popular trend today is being 'right'. The rich-have-need-of-nothing church can't just be thankful, but they have to now be "right". Right about their guns, God, and glory. So, when the church is preoccupied with fighting for gun rights and specific laws by their governments, they aren't interested in Jesus' return. I think sometimes, that some christians would prefer to live through a victorious war, and watch their enemies fall, than follow Jesus and occupy faithfully until He comes. I really think some christians want a provocation, so they can exercise their rights because it carnally makes them feel good that they are the winners, the heroes, the idols......little gods.

michael said...

There's a couple verses that come to mind reading this article this morning.

I'll paraphrase them both. The first is the thing Jesus said in a parable about His returning to call His servants to account after giving them talents ( Luke 19:13); He gave them talents and told them to do business or (occupy) until He returned. The second thing Jesus said and prophetically was "when" not "if" the world monetary system fails telling us to make friends with the world so that when did they would receive them ( Luke 16:9)!

Our work has to be understood basis these truths lest we be like the fools who sold everything and headed to the hills to die fools because He did not return as they predicted!

Finally no matter which belief you whole too there is a job in front of us to finish hastening the Day of The Lord As Peter wrote at 2 Peter 3:12!

Anonymous said...

Cherie, you could have been talking about my husband! The Lord woke me up 3 years ago, Praise God! and I have been on fire for Him since - no slowing down for me. I will tell you that your husband is watching you so your walk is very, very important. In fact, that kind of witness will probably make more of an impact on him than words. All they hear is blah, blah, blah, but...walking the talk speaks volumns along with constant prayer for their salvation. Blessings!

Cherie c. said...

Thanks Anonymous, you're right. The worst though is when he gets me so aggravated I say something I regret and at I have to ask him to forgive me. He then puts me through the ringer. But I have noticed that he does mention some of the things I do and have said, and asks me questions. I always tell him then encourage him to read the Word for himself or we could do it together, but he declines. I do pray for him every day. He has told me he prefers the old me. Then I think about that and wonder why he would prefer the old me when the new me in Christ is what the Father wants me to be. I guess he would rather have a wife in sin then a wife of the Bible. I can tell you that I would rather have a husband of the Bible than one who is not. Staying on my knees. I don't know about you, but the Love of Jesus is so much better than any other love I have ever experienced. Nothing like it in the world or out of it for that matter. =D

Thanks for your encouragement sister in the Lord.

Cherie c.

Anonymous said...

Cherie, I understand your frustration. It is ONLY through the power of the Holy Spirit that you can make an impact on your husband. If you are getting frustrated it is because you are working through your flesh (LOL). Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and pray for wisdom, guidance and patience in this matter. Also, try to avoid debates when witnessing to him because it is not about proving your point, it is about demonstrating your faith and walking the talk in love. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to share. Ask the Lord to soften his heart so that he has ears to hear and eyes to see. We plant the seed; the Holy Spirit will take it from there. Sometimes we need to get out of his way (LOL). Forgive me if I am preaching to the choir. It took almost 2 years before I started to see noticeable changes in my husband, i.e.,his heart responding to the Good News. By then he knew that what I had was the real deal - joy, hope and peace. Deep down, everyone desires that. We are still not completely on the same page, but, my husband now has a sensitivity and openess to receiving truth that he didn't have before. Thank you Jesus!!! Hope this helps. I could go on in much more detail, but I think you get the point. Be encouraged; and Cherie, just meet him where he is at. Your husband is a very blessed man to have a wife who cares that much about his eternal destiny. I will be praying about your situation. Blessings Sister! Pastor Rick, thank you for another excellent message. It truly blessed me.

Cherie c. said...

God bless your heart. You are right about the frustration, and believe me I repent. Some days I do not have the strength and that is where I error. Thank you for your gentle reminder. I do not push when he asks me about God, I do just enough to try to explain and have him read for himself, but he resists. So I say okay, and let it go. He says I read the Bible too much, but I say not enough. Finding this blog is such a gift from the Lord. I hope Pastor will do the internet church.

May God bless you and keep you in His care.

your sister in Christ
Cherie c.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Cherie, you are an encouragement and delight. I'm glad to meet you here. Be encouraged and rest in the knowledge that the Lord loves your husband more than you do, understands him more than you do, and is dealing with him. 1Pet. 3 is my testimony--I can tell you it's TRUE. Prayerfully consider shutting your mouth about anything that has to do with the Lord, (unless he asks you, and then be brief so he's wanting more) and asking the Lord to show you what things to do--which He will empower by the Holy Spirit--that will break through the stone in his heart. Probably very mundane things...I am going to be praying for you and him. Pray also for the Lord to send someone else to do any "talking" that may be necessary. You are an inspiration to me in your devotion and zeal.

Cherie c. said...

Victoria, I am blessed by your kindness and encouragement. I feel the urgency and my zeal gets ahead of me. It is so funny, some days I am so anxious for the Lord, and others so in the Love of the Lord. Either way I can't keep my mind off Him. This Love is so deep. My anxiousness is trying not to fail Him. He means so much to me the thought of making him ashamed of me really scares me. I have to stand before Him at His Judgment Seat, and I am terrified at the thought. Fully dependent upon His Grace.

I thank you for the advice, and the prayers, I covet them both.

God Bless you,

your sister in Christ Jesus
Cherie c.