Thursday, November 08, 2012

Telling Humor

I thought this cartoon said something.


JMD said...

Ok, I am not very smart, where is the humor?

Rick Frueh said...

The rich white guy is not happy while the mixed ethnic servants are pleased with the results.

JMD said...

Ok, get it, sorry a bit dense here.

JMD said...

Wait, I meant to say one more thing, when I kept looking at the picture I truly did not notice there were any differences except a wealthy person and servants.

Rick Frueh said...

That's alright JMD, I realize they made pot legal in Colorado!! :)

JMD said... know, maybe I have very unique experiences but I grew up where there were hardly any minorities. I mean I remember one boy all through school.

Why, I don't know, I never heard a word about color or ethnicity. I understand there are people that choose differently based on skin but just what I have seen on tv it appears to be a two way street.

Doesn't make it right, to me it means we need Jesus.