Tuesday, November 27, 2012

God Forgot to Give Arabs A Soul


There once was a Savior named Jesus Christ. He was kind and gracious and a friend to sinners. However His message of redemption eventually became archaic and irrelevant in these more modern times.

The woman in the short video is Brigitte Gabriel who runs an organization dedicated to provide hatred against Arabs and the Palestinians. She is Lebanese and claims to be a Christian. Do you think her words are virulent? You have no idea, but did you see people applauding and smiling when she says Arabs are barbaric and have no souls?

So where do you think she was speaking these things? A Klan meeting? Neo-Nazi gathering? No, this was a gathering sponsored by the “Rev.” John Hagee. Oh yes, this was supposed to represent Jesus. And this woman’s views, although rarely spoken in such exposed terms, are very popular among evangelicals here in America. Arabs have no souls, she suggests to rousing applause.

And you thought that Islam was the only religion of hate? No, in today’s politically and ethnically charged atmosphere a new brand of Christianity has been formed. This kind does not turn the other cheek. This kind does not forgive. This brand of Christianity promotes war and violence and gets involved in any war which defends or promotes certain countries. If the country is America there are no holds barred. Bombs away! If the country is Israel, same thing.

But if the country is Darfur, this Christianity raises a lot of money by providing heart wrenching pictures, and then they keep a lot of the money to pay for the luxurious lifestyles of their leaders, and they might send a little humanitarian help. But they do not suggest military help because it is not in the national interests of either America or Israel. And anyway many of the starving children in Darfur are Arabs and have no souls. And remind me again, who was it that was barbaric? The video reminds me of a scene from a famous movie where the mob was discussing ways in which to make a great deal of profit by selling drugs. One of the mob bosses stands and says,

“…I don't want it near schools! I don't want it sold to children! That's an infamia. In my city, we would keep the traffic in the dark people, the coloreds. They're animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.”

Many people were shocked at such language, but at least that mob boss believed blacks HAD souls. And if you remember no one at that meeting was even shocked at his words, much less objected. But that kind of talk has become familiar in evangelical circles, especially as it pertains to Arabs or liberals. Hatred has now been embraced and practiced within the hearts and lives of supposed followers of Jesus Christ.

The teachings of Jesus are completely abandoned in favor of the nationalistic teachings of the day. While the martyrs once died for Jesus, today the poor must die for America in the name of Jesus. It is a pathetic portrait of the faith that once practiced self denial and pacifism. Hatred is now an evangelical commodity. No longer defined by humility and humanitarianism, Christianity shouts with nationalistic boldness and calls for the blood of the soulless masses who dare to attempt to alter our hedonistic lifestyles.

Armed with a mangled view of prophecy created by a montage of Old Testament verses that are forced into New Testament truths, the evangelical community blindly supports Israel in almost everything it does. Believing that God will bless them, millions upon millions of American believers march in lockstep with the support of Israel even though that support may be obviously at odds with the teachings of Scripture. That support is so deep and so extreme that men like John Hagee suggests that Jews do not need Jesus to be saved.

The eternal souls of men are now residual and even irrelevant because the affairs of this world need attending. And many do not believe Arabs have souls, just as many whites did not believe blacks had souls. The hatred of man against man has always been a breathtaking phenomenon, however that hatred and spiritual hubris has made its way into the church. Nationalism and its Siamese twin patriotism are the twin towers of compromise and even apostasy. The western church is so self righteous, so hedonistic, and so absorbed in its own self interests that it no longer even considers the souls of men except for a minor doctrinal aside.

But in the spirit of nationalistic fervor, I have recrafted some Scriptures that more accurately reflect the Americanism and Zionist flavor that God espouses today.

Love your enemies as you blow them apart.

But in lowliness of mind let each esteem others inferior to themselves.

Don’t suffer persecution but meet it with force.

Blessed are the war makers.

For God is a respecter of persons.

If a man smite you on the cheek, annihilate him.

For God is willing that most should perish.

For God so loved democratic capitalists, that He gave His only Son.

The parable of the socialist Samaritan.

Let your speech be seasoned with caustic rhetoric.

But the greatest of these is military might and lower taxes.

For the drones of the Lord run to and fro.

For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his retirement portfolio.

If a man asks you for your coat tell him to get a job.

Be equally yoked with unbelievers if they love America.

And whosever’s name was not found as a Republican was cast into the lake of fire.
Count the cost of political adds.

Seek ye first the intent of the founding fathers and all these things will be added unto you.

Follow me and I will help you get out the vote.

For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, but especially the Arabs.

Go into all the world and preach the good news to every creature unless they hate you.

You see, doesn’t that fit much better in today’s church perspective?


JMD said...

Not to single Pastor Hagee out of the crowd but I have heard him make some various outrageous statements in the past. Once he stated that if you were a smoker he would not pray for you if a life threatening illness came upon you. Sigh.

Wonder if he would be willing to share the bible verses he finds to support persons without souls, when we are not to pray for one another, etc.

Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Again, more shock. Thank you for expressing it all with clarity.

Years ago, I went along with the teachings of last days prophecy theories from pastors like John Hagee and so many, like him, who had some kind of agenda. I remember a book about "Jabez" and how so many wanted more blessings and needed to feel "Old Covenant" so they could claim the same perks as OT people. At that point, I started to ask serious questions. And they were, would Jesus be selling books for profit to his Church? Would Jesus be selling certain biblical profitable methods to help people want for materials, more coastlands, for profit?

The Bible is printed and must charge a price for printing and distribution in stores, but anyone who can't afford a bible can go to any church and be freely given one. When men of God take a certain bible story and then try to reproduce that story, making the church believe they can all be Jabez's, Elijah's, Elisha's, Davids, Solomon's, and profiteering from it, it's absolutely shocking.

And now, with a new trend out there about the Church's mission to support certain nations, well, it took me a long time before my eyes finally opened, and I have yet to do a lot more opening. About supporting Israel, we always used to hear clergy quote the verse of "whoever curses Israel will be cursed" and "whoever blesses Israel will be blessed". So with that in mind, some denominations make the claim that that includes military help, or financial millions sent, or actively endorsing and asking for support from church members. I'd ask, what constitutes being "blessed" if we support Israel? Was it a spiritual blessing, or a temporal blessing? And in what context were those promises written in? Was it only in reference to Old Testament principles and law? Or was that to mean eternally?

Whatever it meant, for some reason, it has become almost a doctrine; that anyone who claims to be a christian should have this patriotic love and total allegiance to Israel. It has become a stumblingblock to the church, because it places a nation as an idol to protect. Souls don't matter much at this point. It's about a thing.

What that doctrine does is do exactly what this post lays out. It turns christians into worldly soldiers, bent on seeking revengge against a country's enemies solely based on what they think God Jehovah would want. But we aren't under the old law, it's JESUS, where there is no other mediator between man and God.

We are called to love all men. We aren't called to take sides in a conflict that no man can fix. I still don't get how powerful christian leaders justify taking sides, however unfair that nation is treated, and calling it a christian duty.