Friday, November 23, 2012

Crossing the Line


I do not believe anyone can accuse me of being unsympathetic to people with same sex attractions. In fact, I have consistently held out the hope of gospel grace to those folks. I am not legalistic by claiming anyone must be perfect to be saved, for if I did not one could be saved, me most of all. And especially when we are dealing with the sin of unbelievers, I take a gospel stand.

I even suggest patience when a gay person believes on Christ and does not adjust his lifestyle as quickly as some demand. That is the process of a post redemptive life. I had many outward sins several years after I was born again until I repented and by God’s grace left them. But what would happen if one of my grown children came out as gay? How would I react, and what would be my convictions concerning the church? These are serious issues in these last days.

First of all I would still love my child. I would reassure him or her of my love, and try to show it in many ways. I would not berate them or demand they cease and desist immediately. I guess I would pray with many tears and anguish as well. And if my child would still claim to be a believer I would not discount that out of hand. I would hope I could make room for the ministry of the Spirit rather than let the uncomfortable situation move me to any language of hate or any self righteousness. Most of all I would hope that any embarrassment would never enter my mind because I would know ho judgmental the church is about this issue.

But there must be a line across which we cannot go. We can never suggest we believe the Scriptures and embrace that lifestyle as valid. Although we must remain humble and always cognizant of our own sins, we cannot demonstrate a disdain for the Scriptures as it pertains to sin. The Scriptures and nature itself are clear, but we must remember they are also clear about humility, grace, and love. I realize the many tensions that presents as well as the fine line we are called to walk.

But even if my son came out as gay, I could never attend a gay marriage ceremony, much less perform one. I love my children with all my heart, but I must love Christ more. Much more. And I cannot and will not compromise openly by embracing unbiblical actions within the church. I would weep. I would fast. I would battle depression. But I could never be a part of such a blatant act of sin. And I have linked to an article that represents the dangerous nature of the emergent and liberal church. In an effort to exhibit love to his child, this leader has openly discarded the Scriptures and made them bow to his own thoughts. This is the line which must never be crossed. Even when we sincerely attempt to walk in God's grace as much as possible, there will always be a line that cannot be crossed.

So when you read some of my views about grace and love and the scope of personal redemption, remember this post as well.


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