Sunday, November 18, 2012

God Rejects Democracy


Democracy was first instated by the humanistic Greeks who believed man was a god form. Remember that.

I guess it all depends on the outcome. So many professing believers have loudly suggested or implicitly implied that democracy is God’s way on the earth. Democracy ( representative republic) is a funny thing. For the most part people love it when they are in the majority and don’t love it when they are in the minority. So when elections and legislations go against their beliefs, they find democracy wanting. And even when democracy works exactly as it is intended, they fail to see that and instead, you guessed it, complain.

Yes, complaining is the new praying. Perhaps people feel that God now answers complaining and criticizing and fault finding. Instead of praying God inclines His ear to complaining, especially when the complainer feels strongly that his complaining is based upon truth. But is that what the Scriptures teach? Are we allowed to complain and murmur because what we are saying may be true? If you are basing that upon democracy than yes, complaining is part of the game. But if you are basing that upon Scripture, than complaining is sin.

But let us look at what millions of believers are complaining about. I have heard committed believers say that this years election was won because tens of millions of Americans desire government handouts. Mitt Romney suggested the same. But now I ask you this question: Isn’t that democracy working? I am not saying it is or isn’t true, but even if it is true so what? Isn’t that democracy? Even if the majority of the electorate are moochers and takers and abusers of the system, and they elect people who give them what they want, isn’t that democracy is action? Yes, that is exactly what a democracy is.

Now if you lived in a monarchy and the king did not want to have all his subjects dependent upon him, then he could do whatever he wanted. But in a democracy, the majority can leverage the system. And Scripture teaches that the majority will always be walking the wide gate of destruction while the narrow way has few travelers. There will always be more lost people than there are saved people. That is a Biblical reality, and in that context, why would God choose lost people to rule over saved people? It is a practical and spiritual paradox. The answer is God does not.

God is the Creator of all things, and even the idea of human government comes form God. But God’s purposes in human government must never, never be a companion and a friend to God’s purposes for the church. Human government, even if it allows for free worship, is still completely at odds with the commands and purposes of the true church. We do not worship because the government in which we live allows us to. Our worship and our obedience do not hinge, nor are they expanded, because we live in what some call a free society. That is completely irrelevant and must never be considered a friend to God’s people.

Much of the church has erroneously believed that democracy is a companion to God’s church. It is not, and although sometimes we are afforded earthly freedoms which seem to make worship more convenient, democracy is still an enemy of all things spiritual and to the true body of Christ. But once we lost an eternal perspective and begin to admire earthly systems, there then begins a process in which those earthly systems begin to be assimilated into the hearts and minds of God’s people. And eventually the church begins to compromise to such a degree it begins to decay. And if enough earthly poison has been embraced by the church it adversely affects the definition and presentation of the gospel itself.

And when a church reaches that point, its spiritual offspring are no longer born with the divine life of Christ but are rather born prematurely with a desire for the earthly benefits that come with change. In effect, you have millions of professing believers who have been fed a message of self aggrandizement, earthly success, nationalistic superiority, and a higher level of morality rather than the message of God’s dear Son. The motives within a sinner’s heart have been compromised to a great degree by the dilution and the cultural manipulation of the gospel message.

To put it simply, the church falls in love with its earthly surroundings, incorporates their love for their surroundings into their view of God, and openly and subtly invite the surroundings to affect and infect their gospel message and their overall view of Scripture. And when that kind of deception enters the church, it affects the reproductive process and results in serious mutations. Like mothers exposed to high degrees of radiation whose babies are born with defects and even born dead, so it is with the church when we have been so exposed to spirits of antichrist, compromise, and worldly systems and then embrace them as divine. It is a recipe for spiritual disaster.

And that is exactly what the church has done as it pertains to nationalism and democracy. We have embraced falsehoods and even made them part of our spiritual thought processes. It begins with a high view of man, and in this case the founding fathers. It travels further to a high view of earthly systems, and in this case democracy. It then even translates into a high view of human documents, and in this case the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. And once we relinquish the exclusivity of Scripture and the Lordship of Jesus Christ, even though we claim we are reserving them untouched, the process of compromise leads to deterioration which leads to heresy which ultimately leads to apostasy.

The western church has gone through this process and now is in the last breaths with the death rattle of spiritual death. Too hyperbolic for your taste? Too melodramatic? Oh yes, we who live in the village of doctrinal orthodoxy have insulated ourselves with straw men like Rob Bell and Joel Osteen and Rick Warren, all of whom lead their own regiments of heretical teachings and spiritual falsehoods to be sure. But we have used them as cover for our own spiritual compromises and overt practices of idolatry and spiritual rebellion. Nationalism, patriotism, and democracy are all enemies of Christ and until we see them for what they truly are in the Spirit we will continue down a path of apostasy and spiritual fornication. Yes, it is that serious.

As citizens in a democratic nation you are allowed to see the creation of this nation as divinely created. You are allowed to create fictional accounts of the founding fathers. You are allowed to have your own views about how God wants this nation to be a shining light for the world. In this democracy you are allowed to have all those kinds of opinions and views and more.

But as a citizen of God’s Kingdom you are not permitted such self serving freedoms. You are not permitted the luxury of complaining. You are not permitted to label people with caustic words. You are not permitted to join forces with unbelievers. You are not allowed to give allegiance to earthly governments. In short, you are not allowed to ignore or rewrite God’s Word in order to make it a source for earthly utilitarianism. God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s people are not available for earthly use and to be lent for earthly causes, especially as it concerns changing environments that are more convenient and comfortable for our own lives.

And what has become most startling of all is to see how the western believer engages in all kinds of earthly devices and manipulations in order to promote a climate that is more advantageous to his own personal wealth. That is the unmistakable reality and it is a result of refusing to see wiles of the evil one through things which may seem innocuous but which are in reality the path to spiritual death.

And now, when the democratic process has not produced the results many believers had hoped it would, you see disappointment, depression, hatred, and a general climate of complaint. Democracy has worked, and although that is what the church has embraced as divine, the church refuses to accept the inevitable because it still walks in the fog of its own fallen imaginations. What a profound and self nourishing quandary. But as far as can be determined, the church at large is still blind to the real problem and continues to blame liberals, socialists, elected officials, and even voting lethargy among conservatives.

A handful of blind men gather together and buy a house in which they will all live. They all agree for a basic format for where the furniture will be placed, but that furniture placement can be changed as long as the majority desire that change. The problems are minor in the beginning, but when more and more blind people come to live in the house the problems begin to surface. Soon people are moving the furniture all over the place, and many blind people begin to trip and fall. They become enraged over how the furniture has been moved. They want the furniture to return to its original floor plan, but more blind people want it to evolve. The problem is not that the furniture has been moved; the problem is that the agreement allowed for the furniture to be moved. While the original blind people call the others blind, they cannot understand that they are blind as well.

The effects of nationalism and democracy have been far reaching within the evangelical community. This affection for the systems of man has not only compromised the church and eaten away her spiritual life, it has severely hindered the spread of the gospel itself. Christ cannot be joined to idols, and when that happens the Spirit of God is kept at bay. No longer can we look to Christ because Christ is not here. He is calling us to come our from among them while we are simultaneously calling Him to come and be a part of our carnal evangelical construct. There are not two masters; there is only one at a time. And that master is America draped in democracy.

If we ever hope to be free we must reject our idols and repent of our compromise. There is no hope but Christ. And there is no power but Christ. We have sold our birthright for the pottage of democracy, and has been evidenced by this past year, in democracy we have placed our hope. To pray to Christ to help with the systems of man is to pray to a false god. Do you love Christ or do you love democracy? You cannot love both. God continues to reject democracy.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
It is not Democracy that has been rejected by our Dear Lord. Rather, it is the mutation of our country into a tyranny by the rulers of the powers of darkness.

The fact is that most in our country are blinded and apathetic which has led to our loss of democracy. In short, God has rejected our apathy; idolatry; greed; laziness; broken offerings; prayers devoid of heart and conscience....the list goes on.

Be well in the Lord

Rick Frueh said...

Democracy is the tyranny by the rulers of darkness. When Jesus comes back He will not set up a democracy. I appreciate where you are on the journey.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by this statement Rick?

Democracy is what this nation needs to live the Christian way? "Democracy" isn't The Way. Not sure what is meant by this statement of Anonymous:
"...blinded and apathetic which has led to our loss of democracy"


Rick Frueh said...

People still are blind to the nature of democracy which is man ruling himself and by the numbers lost man ruling everyone.

Steve said...

It simply comes down to the fact that words mean what they MEAN.

"Demos-" is Greek for "the people, the community:" "kratia" is Greek for "rule, power, authority."

Could there be an idea more completely OPPOSITE to "The Kingdom of God" than that "the people rule" ?

In Jesus, Steve