Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Come Out From Among Them

Millions of believers will drive to voting places and stand in line for many hours just to cast their vote. And many if not most of those believers will never spend five hours in prayer, and many if not most will not spend five hours in prayer in total for the entire month. That says something about where the church places her trust, and the amount of personal time believers will sacrifice to participate in an event that treats the opinions of believers and unbelievers as equal. It is fallen pluralism at its observable essence, and thousands of churches will open their doors and invite heathen and saint alike to use the facilities supposedly erected for spiritual gatherings to exercise a practice which makes man his own god. People are praying that God will’s will might be done through this election, and yet God’s will is for His people to remain separate from this election.

Perhaps most distressing of all is that millions upon millions of believers are not even willing to rethink this spectacle in the light of Scripture and with fasting and prayer. One ray of hope, though. I have heard from many people even in my very small neck of the woods who this election have opted out, not in self righteousness, God forbid, but because they have been set free to begin a deeper walk with Jesus without the compromises of the fallen systems of man. And let me assure all of you, when you leave nationalism and politics, and when you allow the Spirit to take an inventory of the depth of your spiritual walk, you will never feel superior to anyone regardless of how you feel about politics. In fact, you begin to feel pain and joy, conviction and reward, humility and reassurance, and your wonderful walk of freedom in the Spirit is constantly elevated by bringing yourself low and bringing Christ higher than you could ever have imagined!

That, my friends, continues to be my experience in Christ. I love my brethren still caught up in the earthly machinations that once held me. I pray that millions will hear the Spirit’s call this year to “Come out from among them and be separate!”


Sarah Beveridge said...

Amen! A very true word and I agree 100%. I broke up with the world over the last few years and it hurt like a real breakup of a marriage.

I am now betrothed to Jesus Christ and serving Him by yielding to His Spirit. It is a daily yielding because the flesh will rear its ugly head every now and then. But praise God His grace is sufficient for me.

Thank you for sharing.
In Christ, Sarah

Steve said...

Thank you, brother, for the exact word of the Spirit I was looking for regards the Church' involvement in this years' politics.

And I'll affirm the word you are hearing: the last couple months, the Spirit's been saying "fast and pray" to my heart as well.

Blessings to all here,

In Jesus, Steve

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Lord has brought me out and I experience a more tranquil, less strife-ridden life, yet full of more godly fear and trembling.
Praise the Lord for providing us fellowship here on the internet. The Lord is ministering through you, Brother Rick (a true pastor!)