Thursday, November 08, 2012

Evangelicals - You Will Give an Account


So you believe the election is over and that is the end of it. But so many are wringing their hands, not because babies will still be killed in the womb, but because they fear socialism might take a bite out of their pocketbooks. And many of those people are professing believers in Jesus Christ. They ignored Mitt Romney’s gigantic support for his Mormon faith, and they supported him. And like Jerry Falwell Jr. and Franklin Graham and thousands of other evangelical leaders, they suggested that what Romney believed about Jesus was less important than what he said he believed about marriage. They even placed traditional marriage above abortion this time.

But in an interview with two professors at evangelical seminaries, something very important came out, and it centers around an issue that many of us warned about months ago. The interview is HERE. But here is a portion of that interview:

"Although Mitt Romney lost his presidential bid, Christians should be prepared for higher Mormon visibility and credibility in America, an interfaith witness expert and a seminary professor told Baptist Press, reports "When Mormon missionaries knock on people's doors, they will be seen in a more positive light when people know that [Romney] was once a Mormon missionary," said Tal Davis, executive vice president of MarketFaith Ministries in Tallahassee, Fla., who served with the North American Mission Board for more than 20 years training Christians in interfaith witness.

"They will likely gain entrance into homes where they formerly would have been denied."

The ascendancy of a Mormon leader to the cusp of the presidency, Davis said, "testifies to the fact that most Americans no longer regard Mormons as out of the cultural mainstream, as was true in the 19th and early 20th centuries."

So you believe you did no harm by your support for Mitt Romney? But can’t you see now the implications of such support? And these are not just national and economic implications, these have to do with men’s eternal souls. And I ask you, what can be greater than that? These professors understand that because Mitt Romney, and Glenn Beck for that matter, have been embraced by mainstream evangelicals, the fear and uncertainty has been removed. And as was said, many Mormon missionaries will now gain entrance into homes where they might have been refused entrance.

So instead of seeking God and holding up the teachings of Scripture, evangelicals submitted themselves to the salvation of a nation and thereby built a bridge which may lead to the damning of men’s souls, if that even matters anymore. This is no game, and this is not sensationalism or melodrama. If we believe in eternity, and if we believe in eternal life and eternal death, then nothing can be more important than living, preaching, and defending our faith. And any and all things that would tarnish or compromise our faith are enemies of Christ. And nationalism has led to idolatry, hedonism, violence, and now a joining hands with cults.

And in a stunning display of a monstrous betrayal to Christ, millions of professing believers openly lent their support to a person who not only denies Christ and teaches that denial, but who has given millions to spreading a doctrine of demons. How could this have happened? This is what happens when you give your allegiance to something other than Christ and His Word. You would never openly reject Him, in fact you may still believe in Him, but because you are double minded you attempted to hold allegiances in two kingdoms. And that is impossible. When you support the spirit of antichrist to be your leader you have committed spiritual adultery. When the children of Israel demanded a king like the heathen, God allowed them to fulfill their lusts and they chose Saul. But that does not accurately reflect what the church has done. It would be more like the children of Israel electing a prophet of Baal as their king. Mitt Romney was no run of the mill Mormon. That would have been horrific in and of itself. But he was a priest in that cult and yet believers chose money over the Word of God. No, I am not suggesting you should have voted for President Obama, but I am saying you should not have voted for either.

But since Mitt Romney was supported by evangelicals across this land, you can be sure the Mormon Church will take full advantage of the situation. The Mormon Church has been inundated with application for full time missionaries ever since Romney became the Republican nominee. And even though he was not elected the evil one has other plans. And the devil is more concerned with capturing men’s souls than he is capturing the White House. In many ways he already has the White House and has occupied it for decades. But this Republican defeat is being turned into a demonic victory. The devil only cares about the economy if he can use it to turn the hearts of men. Think about it: All the devil had to do was make a few economic promises and the church became his lap dog.

But the designs of the evil one are a thousand times more sinister than the job market or certain legislations or even gay marriage. If he can make the gospel more general, and if he can redefine the Person of Jesus Christ, then he can and will damn the souls of sinners who might have rejected the Mormon faith until this year. And millions of evangelicals have joined the devil in his diabolical scheme. In fact, many may eventually become Mormons.

But if you are one of the ones who lent your God given support to a cultist, then you will give an account. This is serious business, a million times more serious than any election year. The world may be headed for an economic collapse. And when it does believers as well as unbelievers will be begging for someone to turn things around. They will want hope and change, or real hope and change, anything and anybody that has a viable plan. It will not matter what that person believes or worships as long as he can provide economic prosperity.

The heart of the church is already tied to money and it will not take much. And if the American economy takes an even greater turn for the worst in the next fours years, the church will be ready and waiting for the next conservative voice to make promises, regardless of his or her religious views. As long as he gives lip service to traditional marriage, and as long as he gives lip service to being pro-life, it will not matter if he believes Jesus was an alien sent from a far away planet. In fact, that is what Mitt Romney believes.

Get ready to face the Christ against whom you joined forces.


Milt said...

Bro Frueh,

You don't know how much the Lord has sustained me in the faith, thru your writtings,as i watched the USA church prostitute itself with right-wing politics. They accepted all the dirty tricks, slanders and empty promises to end abortions and resist same-sex marriage.

I thank you for your courage and spiritual insight on all these issues. You are expressing all that my heart is aching to shout from the mountain tops but I don't have the strength to do so. But i have posted your site on my facebook to make points but few christians haave acknowledged it.

Maybe the Lord allowed election night events to humble the faithful and overthrow the wolves and self appointed national church leaders. I will try to post this site everywhere and especially on christian media sites.

May the Lord continue blessing your ministry and keep you strong against the enemies of the cross.

In Christ,

Milt in Michigan

Rick Frueh said...

Thank you for your generous words, Milt. May Jesus receive all the preeminence. many more eyes have been opened this year, and post election I pray many more will see things as they are. We owe Jesus everything!

Nina Stone said...

I would like to thank you, as well, for your courage and spiritual insight. For the first time ever, I did not vote this year, and I have to say that it was truly freeing. My hands are clean and my conscience clear.

Of course, I'm coming under attack for being one of "those" Christians who refused to vote for the lesser of two evils, but that only makes me smile because I know that my heart is no longer set on the things of this world.

My faith in God has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months, thanks, in part, to your teachings.
It may be hard or painful to hear the truth at times, but it is making a difference in my life and in my walk with Christ.

Thank you and God bless.


Anonymous said...

I pray I see through the maze of what's happening more and more.

Agree with 99.9% on posts here; I'm not so shocked at evangelicals' rationalization of voting for a Mormon, rather I'm shocked that a candidate's flip-flopping on serious issues, the inconsistencies of the campaigns promises, the problem with the truth, the grandstanding right after the Benghazi attack (before the families were notified), the unwarranted
untruthful accusations against the President's record, the refusal to show tax records that many were asking for, the refusal to be cooperative. The character and integrity of the candidate left lots to be desired, and christians didn't see this? Politicians are all known to make compromises against their convictions at some time in Office. Any christian who seeks Office is probably not burdened for the lost, rather he's burdened for the affairs of this world.

The shock to me was how evangelicals would endorse a man who is caught making light of half the average populace, complaining about takers and welfare recipients, food stamp recipients, while being adamant that he will always have the wealthy voters' backs. This doesn't correlate with the heart of what the fruit of the Spirit is, nor the beatitudes. Blessed are the poor...the meek..... It seems evangelicals are looking for a man of material means who can give them the things that are against the beautitudes. That's what is shocking to me. I'm sure there are many Mormons who have a meek charitable spirit that don't behave like Ebenezer Scrooge.

Anonymous said...

Am just opining here. I know it would be wiser not to vote at all, as a christian, because we may inadvertently be supporting people who will change their minds, or become tools of their corporate/friend masters and be obligated to cater to the biggest donors. Politics can become a shady deal, and before the person is aware, they've made too many unfortunate compromises. We shouldn't expect they are saviors, because as humans, they'll no doubt cave in to pressures and fall.

Any person who uses their christian heritage, or their christian walk as a qualification to run for Office, is boasting, or advertising this precious gift of redemption and their relationship with the Savior to get votes. They do this by usually name-dropping which great evangelist they had lunch with, they drop verses in interviews, on talk news shows, or talk about their church membership, pastors, refer to Old Testament stories or NT quotes to prove a political point. That is like selling something of such value that no price can be paid for it. In fact, Jesus paid the price for that man/woman claiming they are a child of His, and for them to use that to gain advantage in elections, is, somewhat disturbing. Then, they call for prayer rallies, then speak at christian conferences, for pay. They can really rake up a nice income by speaking about how wonderful they are because they obey a certain biblical precept.

Unbelievers see through that. They see it as hypocrisy, because it is. Jesus didn't charge money to speak truth. Nor should we. Politicians who use their christian walk and profit from it are the worst kind of leaders there could ever be. They shouldn't be trusted. They are the wolves in sheep's clothing. If they can sell their christianity like wares in the temple, then they certainly will do other dishonest things once elected.

In fact, a man who has no understanding or salvation who runs for Office, isn't making a mockery of Christ. He isn't trying to sell something that belongs to Christ to get political advantage. That man will be judged much less that a man who is a christian and tries to gain by using Christ for political advantage.

I think the best thing that will come out of the results of this election, is that unbelievers will search the scriptures for themselves to find ONE mediator that will never lie to them, or break a promise to them, or betray or forsake them. Because evangelicals have been pulling the wool over people's eyes. Didn't God save the heathen to make Israel jealous? It may be that He will bring a great revival to those who have been burned by double-minded evangelicals.

Teresa said...

This was the first time I did not vote since I was 18. The past few years have been a huge eye opener to me. God has used sickness, trials and the writing of sincere Brothers and Sisters like Rick to show me the idols I have in my own heart, and also just how perverse the hearts and minds of many Americans are when it comes to the United States and the strong delusion I think that is happening in the USA right now. Give people a choice between Jesus and your pocketbook and it becomes really clear just how hard it is to squeeze the stuff we really value through the eye of that needle.

Rick Frueh said...

Thank you, Teresa. It is interesting to note that one of the biggest donors to Romney and republican cuases was an unbelieving Jewish man who is a casino billionaire.

Anonymous said...

What a powerful hard-hitting sermon! You are courageous to speak out the truth, but I am usually still shrinking in fear to do so, because I sense the vicious hatred for Christ of the spirits that have deceived christians around me. Oh, let us pray for grace to trust and to be secure in Him in these days!

I am so ambivalent today. I have a fear and trembling within, yet I can imagine what a great revival and turning could occur now that we have turned such a serious corner in America. Let us pray that most of the church will take a fresh, Spirit-illuminated look at their beliefs, affections, and loyalties; and at the words of Jesus, and rise up from the dust and dust off her garments, and return to her firs love. Me included--I compromise on so much out of fear of being misunderstood and out of seeking fleshly comforts.

Good comments, Brothers and Sisters.

Teresa said...

I literally am in tears reading this. And from my experience this week no one I have tried to talk to wants to hear the truth. They sit in front of the tv watching things like fox news, wringing their hands. Brother I fear that so many friends and family members will be of the weeping and gnashing of teeth lot and it grieves me.

Steve said...

"But the designs of the evil one are a thousand times more sinister than the job market or certain legislations or even gay marriage."


In Jesus, Steve

Anonymous said...

Teresa and all believers, do not be grieved. Now is the the time to be completely focused on the Lord and his works. I am 37 years old and just 10 years ago, I never would have believed what I am witnessing today. I can't even find a warm, bible teaching church for my kids and I to attend.
Keep the faith, be strong, and witness. I love you all brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

This is the first year I did not vote. Last year, the Lord put it on my heart to stay out of the election, do not get involved. You have no idea how attacked I got from fellow Christians, i.e., that is your "Christian duty. I'm praying for you and your salvation." And from family members. I chose to remain obedient to my Lord and Saviour, and unfortunately in the Christian community that meant going completely against the tide. I don't think anyone even considered this fall out prior to voting. Perhaps you should have published your article before the election as additional food for thought. I too appreciate your courage and spiritual insight as well. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Thank God, when we make mistakes (like endorsing someone because they were the lesser of two evils) that God is faithful and just to forgive us, and it will be remembered no more. I thank God that forgiveness is unconditional with God, all we have to do is ask.
I voted for Romney, because I didn't want to vote for Obama, and not voting is a vote for the wrong person.