Tuesday, November 06, 2012

An Election Day Warning!!


WARNING!! If President Obama is re-elected the Judeo-Christian ethic will be destroyed, and soon America will experience thousands of murders, millions of abortions, pornography and child molestation will be rampant, the nation will become a center for drug and alcohol abuse, and eventually gay people will find a same sex way to reproduce. Now nobody wants those things! Vote Reagan!! Oh, wait. Who’s running again?

OK, Some levity. But here is something I really believe. Many people object to President Obama’s policies, abortion and gay marriage being at the forefront. But many also believe he espouses socialist leaning economic policies as well. So the voices that object have been very loud, and some have been cruel, disrespectful, and even caustic and unchristian. Labels and pejoratives have also been used, and the entire spectacle has been unpleasant but telling. But two things have come to my mind.

First, if the economy was booming, and all of us had not only made up for the equity loss in our homes but have enjoyed a full 1/3 more than we had four yeas ago, then the abortion and gay issue would be a lot less vocal and President Obama would be re-elected in a landslide.

Second, if President Obama was not black, the disparagement of his person and the virulent attacks on his citizenship as well as his family would be much less vicious. If you are blind to the subtle undertones of race in this election than you have no idea how dark the human heart can be and how clever it can camouflage its sin.

As a side note, until you experience the freedom that comes with not voting on election day you have no idea how wonderful you can feel. And if you read the Scriptures and pray during the day it only adds to your fellowship with Christ. Participating in a fallen system and being invested in it has an adverse affect on your walk with Jesus. Regardless of who wins the election, Jesus will always be Lord!

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