Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Prayer Update

Dear Pastor Rick,

I spoke with Rita Baker this evening regarding Kim.  What she told me is below.  Please post it for the brothers and sisters.

Rita said that Kim's doctor was delayed in another surgery so she had to wait until about 3pm to have the surgery.  She is in recovery at the time I spoke to Rita.  She is awake and talking.  They will be taking her to her room in a little while.  She may be able to go home tomorrow.  She will have to return on Thursday for the implantation of the batteries for the electrodes to work.  In the mean time she is still on her medication.

Rita is a dear lady, and this poor sister has another friend who will be having double knee replacement surgery Tuesday morning.  Her name is Becky, don't know if she is saved, no matter, please all, keep her in your prayers too.

Kim' husband Tom is tired but holding up, please keep him before the Lord.  Last but not least, please lift Rita up in prayers too.  She is doing double duty as the support for these two ladies and needs our support and love as well.

When I find out more I will let you know, in the mean time, keep praying for God's Glory in all this.  We as brothers and sisters must love each other as well as those in the world.  Praise and Glory be to God our Father and to our Lord and Savior Jesus.  God bless you all.    *:) happy
your sister in Christ Jesus,
Cherie c.


Lorena said...

Thank you Cherie c. for the update. Will keep praying for Kim and for Becky too. Praise God for He is faithful!!
Also, thank you Rick.

Your sister in Jesus,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for update!

While I was writing this, I got "the call" from my doctor, saying the pathology reports showed they got everything and the remaining tissue was clean and negative from cancer.

I thank the Lord Jesus, and need to get on my knees and thank Him for His gracious mercy - I can't find words right now. I give God all the Glory! Thank you Jesus for being with me through this ordeal........he's given me a trial where I thought I might not be able to handle and through the risks and the doctor's warnings and the waiting, I didn't crumble, only because of Him. And to God be the Glory that he saved a wretch like me; I want to serve Him and be whatever He wants me to be.

Nothing gets me attention like going through the deep waters of the soul.

I was just reading this before the call, which I wanted to share with you all here, and because Cherie always gives the salutations from the bible when she signs off, I checked this one, in 1 Thess. chapter 5

"Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it."

I pray too that the Lord keeps us all healthy here until He comes; and though I personally rejoice today, am still thinking and praying for Kim and asking the Lord for His caring arms to be enveloped around her right now with His healing touch. Amen.


Lorena said...

Dear J, wonderful news! Praise to our God Who is faithful and cares for us!
Your sister in Jesus,

Cherie c. said...

God in action never gets old for me. He awes me everyday. See what prayer can do? See what God can do when He hears from His children?

Praise, Glory, Honor, and Blessings to our God, even our Father and His Glorious Son Jesus.

There is truly non like Him.

No greater gift I could ever receive than my life with the Lord. My cup runnith over.

What else do we need that we don't already have in Jesus?

Oh, Jackie, what great news, thank you for calling me to let me know. I was thinking about it at work today. Rita text me too to let me know that Kim went home today but will be back for the next hurdle on Thursday.

Please keep her before the Lord. As soon as I hear about Becky, I will let you all know. I will be Praising the Lord as I fall asleep tonight. Filled with gratitude that I was privileged to pray for people. What a great reason to spend more time with the Lord, not that I need one. Filled with so much Joy for you all I can hardly contain myself.

your sister in Christ Jesus,
Cherie c.

Anonymous said...



Thank you for letting us know what is going on with Kim.

Jackie, I am rejoicing along with you.