Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Compacted Stones


Land is a collection of compacted stones. It all belongs to God, however men will die fighting for it. What if land was like air and everyone shared in all of it? Would that end all wars? No, not until the evil heart of man is changed will war seem like a non-option. But in a surprising twist, even professing believers who have had their hearts changed still embrace war as an option when your compacted stones are threatened.


Anonymous said...

Greetings of Peace:
Truly land is a gift of God and belongs to Him. Men fight over land because they desire or covet something that God forbids.

It's not a question of seeming like a non-option, war is a non-option if we are trusting in the perfect, finished work on the cross of our beloved Jesus.

And any professing believer who has had his heart changed and is born again will not embrace war as an option when their "land' is threatened, if they heed God's peace-promoting voice attentively

Reine Gnade

Anonymous said...


This brought me to finding songs that sing about how this world is not our home. I found this sweet young un-named man singing, "It's Your Love"


This young man brings it all into perspective.


Anonymous said...

People can be like woodpeckers, who are very territorial. Once they get a tree they like, it's theirs forever. Until a man cuts it down, they won't budge.

I can't believe a true christian can be about the world's business to protect his bug-laden tree. I wonder if these certain people have ever had their lives turn upside down? Don't they realize that fighting to keep a version of utopia is useless? How do any of us know if the Lord will require our soul tonight? Sickness, disease, natural disasters can turn a utopian's dreams into mud in an instant, like the tornado victims, flood victims, hurricane victims, fires, gun violence, economy failures, family crises.

Have these people always had everything go their way? A true christian is supposed to yield entirely to God, and surrender all control of his life to the Lord. We live under governments and have to pay Cesar what we owe him, then go about the Lord's business.


Michelle said...

And that fact is very difficult for me to understand. :-(