Monday, June 24, 2013

Heroes or Servants

or as God calls them

Nick Wallenda successfully crossed the Grand Canyon on a wire. The world loves it because it entertains.
But many believers today will clean up an AIDS infected African child, risking their own lives, and without any fanfare.
Earthly heroes are forged in the fallen mind of man. But heavenly heroes who are the servants of Christ are only created and recognized by God's Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

Men strive to break their own records and compete, and of course it is an obsession to keep increasing their bodily achievements. Like body builders, golfers, constantly being lured to 'win'. They are tormented by some need to be the first, the best, win a world record. Of course myself being a low achiever in my life, I don't understand how fierce this obsession is. But would a disciple of Christ be about this kind of business?

I am sure that many athletes, performers are christians. But, it raises red flags when they would perform stunts that are extremely life-threatening just to win a personal best record. It must be a lucrative business too. It is like gambling. Playing a game where one lays out his money out on a table and hopes to win, and ignoring the fact that if he doesn't win, he loses everything.

This was a demonstration of a church being so engulfed in the world that it doesn't know what it's mission is anymore. I can say I still care for these people, I know they are in denial and their pastor who prays for them before the risky enterprise is the worst spectacle on Discovery Channel because it will raise lots of mocking from sceptics on this folly and how christians are a new breed. How come we don't see this same pastor intently praying for people lying in hospitals wounded because they tried to save someone's life??

We're living here in the West in a spiritual battle where a spiritual angel's sword seems to be coming right down the middle, exposing every element of hypocrisy. It's unbelievable that churches and christian magazines applaud and celebrate fearless christian entertainers who risk their very lives to fulfill some unproductive inner carnal desire, YEt these same churches and christian magazines would cry 'sinner' and 'unclean' to others with different inner carnal desires, known as gays.

Spritual wisdom and reason has gone out the window. We are witnessing the minds of once-saved christians being poisoned by some kind of insanity, which the bible calls a falling away, delusion?