Sunday, June 23, 2013

Here Come the Mission Fields


There are approximately 12 million undocumented people who came in from Mexico who now live somewhere in the United States. What would have happened if all evangelical churches saw it as a mission field coming TO us and we passionately ministered to them through word and deed? But I guess it is easier to see them as a threat to our prosperity rather than souls who need Jesus. The church is now more American than it is Christian.


michael said...

For me the irony would be some of them if not a majority of them would be touched by the Charity of a neighbor. That compassion might result in their salvation and in coming to Christ read the Word of God that we are to obey the authorities because all authorities are of God; then fall under conviction that they came here illegally and then go back to their country and legally apply for a visa or asylum or citizenship trusting the whole counsel of God that He will neither leave them or forsake them and will be with them in their troubles not leave them to handle them on their own!

Anonymous said...

My father and mother were missionaries, and are still busy about the work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have had a problem with the so called two week or one week missions trips that the establishment religious groups have. I always receive angry and strange looks when I denied to donate money for someone to go on one of these paid vacations. If someone is serious about being a missionary, you need to start at home, I mean around your own neighborhood, your own city, your community. If you can’t do it at home you can’t do it somewhere else.

My mother said that someday soon people are going to be meeting in their homes here in the U.S. She said this about 45 years ago.

With the influx of illegal aliens into the United States you can walk down the street and be a missionary in a foreign land. In fact we are all already missionaries in a foreign land, because this is not our home, our home is in heaven. Our home is when we are with the Father.


Anonymous said...

Michael, so well said and Joel, so well said.

It's so true. The waxy cold hearts of christians is showing, when they would care more about protecting their territory than reaching these souls for Christ.

Mr. Wallenga? who just cross the Grand Canyon was praying while walking and his pastor, or friend, Joel Osteen had prayed for him before starting. I don't know how to objectively identify what this is. I am so thankful that he is safe, yet, I don't know why they provoke a possible death, and for what? I just don't understand human nature anymore, and I certainly don't understand a lot of christians.

If we can celebrate christian stuntsmen, why can't the church allow unsaved souls from Mexico into the very territory that Mr. Wallenga performed on? Shouldn't we be praising Jesus while embracing these undocumentated people for the glory of God too?


Shannon said...

This brings to mind the importance of reading Scripture in context.
Many teach and believe the admonition of Jesus to His apostles in
Matthew 28:19,20 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,..."
to mean that all born again believers throughout all time and living everywhere, are to "GO", but we must make note of who was Jesus speaking to? His Apostles.
This directive from Jesus was fulfilled in
Acts 1:8 "...but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”
Believers today are born in the place He has us. We are already here on the mission field He has placed us in. We are not directed to "Go".

False teachers teach that we are to, with efforts from out of the flesh, not motivated from His Spirit, to give monies to support those missionaries who "go". Think of those who study the Scriptures and teach those of us who want to learn and grow in grace and knowledge of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, 2 Peter 3:18.

Rick Frueh said...

You are mistaken, Shannon. If only those people to whom Jesus was speaking are to obey His words then which of His teachings and exhortations are for us? Your view is a Calvinist view and it is false.

Kelli Baker said...

The argument is did Jesus say to preach to the lost in all nations or teach those who become saved in all of the nations?
The command is not to "go" but to make "disciples".
After having gone, make disciples
The word for "make disciples" is not used for preaching because the lost cannot understand the Word until after salvation.Acts 14:15, 21, 1 Co. 2:14, Ephesians 4:17-19, Romans 8:7

Are not these historical accounts?
Matthew 2:20
"Get up, take the Child and His mother, and go into the land of Israel; for those who sought the Child's life are dead."

Matthew 21:2, Matthew 26:18, Mark 14:13, John 7:3

It does matter who is spoken to and who is told to do what.

God is enlightening EVERY man being born into the world. John 1:9

No one is left out as God IS enlightening EVERY man but how are people responding to the LIGHT? They loved darkness more than the Light.

Rick Frueh said...

Since the thread has been detoured, it is now closed.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, our mission field is where the LORD has graciously placed us, but additionally to this we can go to other places,

We are directed to "Go" to the mission field where the LORD has placed His saints. We can also choose to make other choices!

For example English is my native tongue but in the last six years I've been teaching mostly a German language speaking audience.

Reine Gnade