Friday, April 26, 2013

The Ungodly? All of us!

So much of the church loves to excoriate certain sinners and to condemn certain sins with an effervescence they do not seem to have for their own sins. The gay community receives more than their share of righteous indignation. And the sin of homosexuality is openly used to make heterosexual sins seem normal and somehow within the realm of acceptable sins, doctrinally speaking. You see, heterosexual sins come redemptive ready while homosexual sins must be completely eradicated and forsaken before God can even deal with you.

But if we see things without a specific sin bias, then what I take away is the spectacular fallen nature of man. Jeffrey Dahmer would go to a gay men’s bar and seduce some unsuspecting gay man to come back to his apartment. Dahmer would drug that man, strangle him to death, and spend the night with the corpse and do things to it. In the morning he would dismember it including slicing of his genitals and beheading it and after consuming some of those “delicacies” he would save them inside his refrigerator for later use.

Can it get any worse? And yet here is the part which juxtaposes the unvarnished fallen nature of man against the glory of Christ’s redemption. That same man, Jeffrey Dahmer, came to faith in Jesus Christ and was gloriously saved. Repulsive, disgusting, abhorrent, abominable, foul, and even creepy. And yet Jesus loved Him and drew that man to Himself and by faith made Him His own child.

Many people would say such a monster did not deserve God’s salvation and love. Yes, I would say the same thing. The monster known as Rick Frueh did not deserve it either.

Rom.5: 7 For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.
8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


Anonymous said...


We in the West have been softened by living in a fairly un-barbaric time, compared to earlier times. I'm sure people tended to become desensitised during times of British, French and European rule, with hangings, sending men to penal colonies, and beheadings. Ancient times were more brutal. I ask myself how children of those times fared living under such exposed violence. Little mercy was shown criminals.

Now we show much more civility and mercy to our criminals allowing them the privilege of self-defense in a court; and the vocal christian community is okay with that. Yet, now, the vocal christian community isn't all right with homosexuality and they believe that only the sin of 'sodomy' will bring down God's judgment.

I can't figure out how that sin is worse than young men beating up a homeless man to death, or beating on an elderly woman just to steal her purse, or teens harassing and bullying and beating up on another teen, or gangs lynching a person because they are of a different color, or citizens pimping out young girls for prostitution, or young people going on killing sprees killing innocent civilians. There's no justification for any sin, with Christ.

I think if the Lord had wanted to send His wrath to any nation now, it would have been done a long time ago. I believe some christians have a personal loathing for homosexual acts, because it threatens their manlihood. They are more concerned about appearances and their personal machoism. They do not want to be a christian living among what they perceive as girly men. It insults their pride. It insults something deep inside them and I suspect the fear of homosexuals having equal rights might scare them into believing that it's contagious.

I think some christian men become so neurotic and paranoid that they might get affected by the 'spirit' of homosexuality, that they feel there's no other solution than to ban them and ban their lifestyle by government policy. But such fear is ludricous; if they are really in Christ, they should have no fear. Many christian these past 2,000 years have had to endure living among unbelievers, and murderers, perverts, demon-possessed, undesirables and didn't succumb to the world; in fact, it probably strengthened them, and prepared them better to look ahead and forward to being with Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Rick, "EXACTLY!" In God's eyes there is no sin greater or lesser than others and we need a HUGE reminder of that. Who are we to condemn, judge or shame others for their sins? Jesus did not lure sinners to him through these tactics and when we exhibit such behavior we are not following our savior's footsteps. It is a slippery slope many have gone down and even though homosexuality is a sin, well, so is that lie I just told. We have given ourselves a Sin Meter, of sorts, to where some sins are not as grave as others. Well, God is holy and ANY AND ALL SIN separates us from our father.

Jesus is our example and if there's any question on our own behavior we truly need to ask, "What Would Jesus Do?" I don't believe Jesus would have carried protest signs while shouting words of disdain and condemnation. So, neither should we.

Everyone of us needs to "check ourselves" way more than we do. Daily! Wait, hold on a minute....I think I have a log in my eye.....

Anonymous said...

Yes. How glorious and how mindboggling is the love of God, demonstrated in Jesus Christ, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us! There is no "us vs. them;" only us corrupt vs. the holy God Who IS LOVE. David Berkowitz is another infamous murderer who now ministers the gospel as a new creature in Christ.

Rick Frueh said...

Yes, Victoria. Also Susan Atkins of the Manson family!

Cherie c. said...

Sorry to be off topic:
So humbled by the Grace given by God this day. I cry in sorrow, in pain and I cry when He gives me His Joy and Peace. It is AMAZING what our Lord does. Although we are all over the world, this day I feel the Love from brothers and sisters in Christ and it is so wonderful, and I am grateful. What pain? There is none at this moment. My prayer for you all today my brothers and sisters in Christ, is to be filled with His Joy. We sure need it.

Love to all!

your sister in Christ Jesus,
Cherie c.

Lorena said...

Right on, Rick...and how amazing it is that, the church, sees herself 'more' righteous than the Righteous God is. That she can categorize sin, and seemingly decide which group of people are worthy to be forgiven. Wake up church. No one is worthy. Only the Lamb of God, Jesus. Remove Christ's robe of righteousness and we all stand naked, lost and repulsive to a Holy God, no matter how big or little the sin.

Cherie c. said...

We are covered by Jesus. If He steps aside of us, look out! Ugly, very ugly. Rather have His reflection than my own.

Cherie c.

Anonymous said...

I pray we don't all start sounding like Joel Osteen. Your point is well taken and I agree completely; however, let's also be careful that we don't become too PC. Not only am I being bombarded with homosexuality in the world, but it is now in my face within the Body of Christ (LOL). I am growing so weary hearing about "this" sin. It is the enemy that wants to keep this issue front and center. Yes, we are ALL sinners in need of a Savior, but the difference is that those true believers try and walk the narrow road, and when convicted by the Holy Spirit, repent and hopefully grow in their walk. However, those who deliberately choose this lifestyle, and know that it is wrong, are in direct defiance to the Word of God. What's the difference MOTIVE! Pastor Rick, I understand what you are saying, but let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to those who truly have a repenant heart as opposed to those who are in direct disobedience (hardened heart). Sorry to say this, but there are a lot of Christians running around with hardened hearts. Hope this makes some sense. Pastor Rick, thank you for your commentaries, they challenge, encourage and uplift me.

Anonymous said...

I like to wonder a lot, so my family says. And yes, I too, have been a part of the jury to convict and condemn homosexuality as any good charismatic Christian would my old life. And I have to wonder about all of us Christians that willingly participate in watching perverted movies and television shows, let alone all of the pornography easily accessible to so many? Do we really guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus when we watch the grotesque murders and other filth that we take in with our eyes when we choose to watch these programs? Do these visual and audio perversions give mankind ideas that originate from the pit of hell? And are we, as born again believers in Jesus Christ, convicted of these sins as we sit in the pews on a given Sunday morning listening to a preacher man, who in his heart is lusting after many women in the congregation?

Perhaps we are tired and weary of the baby and the bathwater;for it is time we Christians grow up and see our own sin for what it really is. Who then can make the claim of having a pure heart before a righteous God?

Reine Gnade said...

Mathew 5:8
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

God blesses those who are pure in heart! All the glory goes to God, for He is the purifier of our heart.
Unless God has blessed us with a pure heart we can't see Him! Without a pure heart we can't have an intimate relationship with Him. Only people who have been born again from above have a pure heart!

Psalm 16:10. Thou wilt not suffer thy Holy One (Jesus) to see corruption, i.e. He shall not be corrupted.

John 3:3 : Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God, i.e. he cannot experience it.

John 3:16. He that believeth not the Son, shall not see life, i.e shall not be put in possession of eternal glory.

Anonymous said...

Not making the claim to having a pure heart, a tender heart...yes! And that is by the grace of God! It does not come naturally and is a result of walking the narrow road, which many Christians find must be traveled often alone. This hostility (hardened hearts) eminating from Christians is exactly why so many look, act and behave just like the rest of the world. If ones heart is tender, one will have a sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit (conviction) and that will include compassion for the lost and their need for a Savior irregardless of the sin. Those Christians with hardened hearts are the very ones watching this filth on tv and movies and drinking beer/wine, and yes, smoking dope, etc. They do not have eyes to see nor ears to hear. Their lifestyle and choices are no different than the world at large. And when you question them regarding their lifestyle choices, watch out! Prepare to be attacked because this lifestyle will indeed be defended, just like the lifestyle of homosexuality. That is the log in the eye of the Christian. The church today looks no different than the rest of the world. For many believers, it is not about fear and paranoia of the "spirit" of homosexuality, but rather fear of the Lord! There are many Christians today who look real, but are not of us, see 1 John 2:19 and this is exactly why we are having the problems within the church body today, and have throughout the history of man. Having a hardened heart does not reflect the new life in Christ, see Ephesians 4:14-32. Unfortunately for many Christians on the narrow path, we are guilty by association, but that's the nature of the "beast." I do realize that we are all at a different place concerning sanctification; but I am talking about those willful Christians who deliberately choose not to walk the talk. And again, Pastor Rick, I understand your need to write this commentary. Bottomline, it's a heart issue within the church body. It seems everyone is being attacked now not only from the lost but also from the Church body within. We all fall short, but let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater concerning the hypocracy of the sin of homosexuality. This is one sin that will open pandora's box to a plethora of other sins that we can't even begin to imagine. And we are just beginning to see that fall out. I apologize if I took this off topic. Just wanted to clarify. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous-The wonderer....

Thank-You other "Anonymouse" for the pure heart Scriptures as they are engraved on my heart. Since I know the fruits of my own heart and am a born again believer of our LORD Jesus Christ, it has been a journey for me in finding a church system that imitates this pure heart that God, our Father speaks of. It seems as though I have traveled the "church circuit" so to speak, from one extreme to another in the man-made denomiational religious system, and in all honesty, have found none-zero,not one soul with a pure heart including my own. When a church system is questioned on false doctrines, the first "rebuke" from the Nicolatian (clergy-laity system) are all of the Scriptures listed above and then anotherwords, we can teach and experience all kinds of falsities just as long as we have "a pure heart." And yet, I believe man has a most difficult time in defining this according to God's ways.Hence, we have the church system now imitating the world here in America with no influence on the culture. The church is the culture and perhaps this is why God, our Father, is beckoning for us to "Come out of her (the harlot system) and be set apart....the true church is not one made with human hands, but one of the Spirit of God."

Show me a church goer with a "pure heart" and I will show you my pet dog who has a "purer heart" and a greater love than most people sitting in pews worshipping themselves. I grieve so in my spirit. May we fall at the feet of Jesus once again.

Chris B. said...

It's very possible we lack a "collective" spirit of joining hands...and hearts around a specific cause or task that would help in bringing together a work to change our culture or that of another country filled with lost souls. More than just financing this work, but actually a hands on experience in the field with others interceding for the Holy Spirit to bring forth fruit...revival rings a bell as that experience but it seems every church family across this nation is torn as to the expectations of God when it comes to sin. Many believers say they'll never be perfect, others say it's Gods thing to do in us just sit back, many more feel they are under the blood, so don't bother keeping track and then there are those who actually discover the real power of Christ through faith and their sanctification blossoms...the instructions are right there in the Book, Truth is not hiding.