Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hitler? Really?

Sometimes I get very encouraged when I see the spiritual growth of members of the body of Christ, and sometimes I get fatigued when I see how we can take one step forward and four steps back. Just when I think I am on the same page as someone, they pull a hateful rabbit out of the hat. It is amazing that on facebook you can see someone post quotes from Spurgeon, and wonderful Bible verses, and inspiring spiritual stories, and even narratives of faithful missionaries, and then they post something so hateful and carnal as to make me wonder what universe is it in which I live. And often it does not make me angry, but often it makes me somewhat discouraged.
People request to be my FB friend and I assume they have read a post of mine or a comment and they identify with what I have said. I click and “poof!” they are my FB friend. I begin to see their posts and comments. They post pictures of cute kitties and cuddly bears and beautiful landscapes. And they “like” my posts and seem to have a common spiritual life. They do not like Joel Osteen’s or Rob Bell’s ministry and they reject the prosperity preachers. All seems well with the world. And then this appears on their FB wall.


This kind of insane hatred and volatile rhetoric toward sinners only reveals how strong this national deception is and how far the culture has invaded the church. The woman, Melissa Harris-Perry is undoubtedly a “liberal” and maybe unsaved. But her point was a more community approach to our children. But as believers we know we are responsible to God and not to man. And even when the kingdom of darkness suggests a path that is contrary to the path of Jesus, we should not be reactive. We should expect such suggestions and realize that many of us used to think the same way.
But so many professing believers allow themselves to get distracted and leave the gospel commission in favor of confronting fire with fire. And instead of bearing His reproach and being humble, we fight fire with fire including the tired Hitler comparisons. It is astonishing just how vicious believers can be when lost sinners act and speak like lost sinners. Hitler? Really? And many of these believers listen to Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity and get all worked up about things that cannot be changed except through the power of the gospel.
If Vladimir Putin suggested something unbiblical should the church squawk about it? Should we be listening to the words of Hugh Hefner and get all riled up? It is so easy to shoot fish in barrel. And if calling out liberals and their suggestions is what God has called us to then we have our work cut out for us. And to be sure the kingdom of darkness will provide an endless supply of fodder for our canons. Here is a list of people who taught things contrary to the Word of God:
Judas, Plato, Socrates, Herod, Caesar, Thomas Jefferson, Nietzsche, Einstein, Lenin, Himmler, Robespierre, Hitler, Freud, Stalin, Mussolini, Mick Jagger, Ozzie Ozbourne, Barbara Steisand, and on and on the list goes. Take your pick and use anyone you wish to compare with them. Take a lost person’s words, write them for all to see, openly suggest they are like Hitler, and then go into your prayer closet and ask God for their souls.  Be aware though that you will be speaking to yourself.
I have even seen the gold medal of hyperbole and pictorial assignation. I have seen Sasha and Malia’s dad pictured with devil’s horns and a pitchfork. Yes, this long, strange journey called Christianity continues to be strange. But for many the Christian part has long since been discarded. BTW, when you chose which unsaved person you want to juxtapose on your unbeliever du jour remember Hitler has been vastly overdone.


Anonymous said...

Day by day in my walk with Jesus, I get a check in my spirit from the Holy Ghost. This isn't all the time but I make a point to be careful and heed "the warning."

I know what you mean about taking a step forward only to go back steps. The other day I thought of this analogy in reference to struggles.

Hopefully the person who posted this will be made AWARE of the injustice.

God Bless and thank you,

Lorena said...

Apparently, being an 'adulterer' is much more attractive than being a 'liberal' to conservatives, and conservative believers.

When are believers going to start being believers, and knock it off with the 'conservatism'?

Anonymous said...

We've had to reprogram our laptop system and I've been unable to get my posts sent.

But, I think it works now. And in time to show my sadness too at the Hitler jokes and the careless attitude of christians who need to know they'll be accountable, and myself included, by what we speak, write. If our words push unbelievers away instead of drawing them to the Lord, we are like the pharisees that Jesus rebuked. Christians calling out unbelievers, as though there could never be hope or salvation for them is wickedness. How do they think their targets will ever be drawn if christians call them demons from hell or Hitler? These christians are the pharisees that shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for they neither go in themselves, nor do they allow those entering to go in.

The children of these politicians would never want to have anything to do with these 'christians' God, if this is the way christians act. These people basically are blocking souls - they are becoming a wall - a great divide - preventing souls from wanting anything to do with the Lord. I don't know how to react to this.