Saturday, April 20, 2013

Please Pray

There is a commenter here named Jackie. She has just been diagnosed with cancer and she has very little Christian family since the churches all around her are mostly Word of Faith or of the Joel Osteen kind. She has asked for prayer. Please lift her up by name. God knows her personally even if you do not and she is our beloved sister in Christ.
Thank you, Rick


Grace Mogbo said...
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Cherie c. said...

Without question I will pray for Jackie. Also I will pray that He send her a brother or sister in Christ to comfort her.

Love to my sister in Christ Jesus, Jackie.

Cherie c.

Cherie c. said...


I am your family through Christ our Lord. Hello dear sister.

your sister in Christ Jesus,
Cherie c.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus for healing Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father, we ask in Jesus , be Health in Jackie's body , as You make her full and complete, as You minister
Your Spirit of Peace , and comfort in her, We thank You
Our loving Father in Jesus name amen

Anonymous said...

You have my prayers.

Annette said...

Dear Jackie,

You will be in my prayers as well; with all of those saints listed above. Please know that you are loved by our Father in Heaven and that Jesus is with you always to the end of the age. I do not have an earthly sister, but am honored to call you my sister through Christ Jesus. May He comfort you through this time, precious Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my sweet brethren, for these prayers. God bless you, Rick for posting this; as soon as I came on and read this, I showed it to my husband and he was amazed and thankful and it lifted him up. Just knowing that you are all here and we all are part of something wonderful gives me hope and strength tonight. I feel the Lord's strength tonight. Thank you Jesus!

Dear Grace and Cherie, am going to take advantage of your kind reach-out and will try to get in touch with you soon.

May the Lord come soon and we all meet in heaven!!

Anonymous said...

Abba Father, we carry Jackie in our prayers to place her at your feet. Cover her with the blood of Jesus and fill her with Your Spirit. Remove all the fear and doubts she may be having after hearing of this diagnosis. Father reach down and touch Jackie remove all of the cancer from her body, give her complete healing. In Jesus name I make this plea.


Teresa Cassle said...

I am praying also. Jackie if you read this you can always email me at
I know sometimes the Christian life is a lonely one, I will pray that God gives you healing, peace and the fellowship of Christian friends during your journey.

I have been through some health problems myself, and my Mother has had cancer 5 times. I have been dealing with her cancer on and off since high school and the Lord has been with me and taught me so much throughout those struggles. I have a lot of encouraging posts on my blog if you would like to visit.

Bobby Thrash said...

The apostle John recounts the conversation Jesus has with the disciples. Jesus speaks of His relationship with the Father. Jesus speaks of His works he has done and the works that we will do.

Then Jesus makes that famous phrase,"And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son"

Whatsoever-anything or everything, wow what great latitude He has given us in our request. That the Father may be glorified.

So with this knowledge of the mind of our God and the example His Son gave us in the garden on His last night before the crucifixon," Father, You are Holy, our Creator,the one we worship. For your glory heal our sister Jackie that in this life she may continue to glorify you. Father not our will, but your will we make these request that you would be all in all. In your Son's precious name, Jesus, Amen.

Evelyn S said...

Heavenly Father, You are merciful, there's none like You. We look to you our God, our Healer, praying for Jackie's complete healing. You know every cell in her body, please Lord Jesus rid her body of every cancerous cell and make her whole again. By your grace You healed me almost 26 years ago from breast cancer, I thank you my Heavenly Father. By faith I know that you are well able to do the same for your child Jackie. We look to You Lord. In Jesus' Holy Name we pray. Amen

Anonymous said...

I am just so heartfelt affected by the kind kind prayers here from everyone. Thank you all so much - I also posted Anonymously (Anon. 7:41) and forgot to sign off as Jackie.

It's wonderful to have brothers and sisters who live all places and we can all feel for one another. I hope I can pray for all you some day. The Lord is coming soon. There's just something in the air and the unity of the brethren is wonderful. I am taking every day as a new day, not worrying and feel God's presence, as though he's right next to me. I have a sense of hope.

The Bride of Christ, his invisible church, IS here and is in action. Praise Jesus!!

Anon. J. (Miracles are already happening, I remembered to sign off!!)