Saturday, April 06, 2013

Buying Votes


In the world called Bizzarro the GOP asked Lady GaGa to sing at the Republican convention in Tampa last year. They offered her 1 million dollars. How do you say hypocrites? She turned them down. I love it...the bisexual, gay marriage supporting singer who refers to god as a woman was asked to sing and she turned the moral party down. Her standards were higher than theirs.

Your vote is nothing more than a purchased product.


Anonymous said...

Very true. And there seemed to be no problem at all of Clint Eastwood's act, which was worthy of SNL adolescent humor. And there were lots of laughs in that crowd, at the RNC convention.

Someone out there's created a new christianity. It has the authority to mock, make fun of, hate on, sinners at it's pleasure, all the while using same "sinners" to entertain it. It sounds like Nero times. It wants the flashy and opulent "sinners" to perform at it's will and entertain it's members, and it parties with multi-millionnaire sports figures, real estate moguls, Gun Show/Auto Show/Recreational Vehicles' Dealers. It rubs shoulders with the wealthy, it demands it's senators and congressmen to support it, it invites Hollywood on it's doorstep. It accepts invitations on Dancing with the Stars, dancing/simulating sex. This new church thinks it is God. It's made up new rules and feels it can manipulate society to adjust to it's outward beautiful appearance (which is full of dead men's bones).

Then this same cultish christianity creates these made up "enemies". They lie and verbally attack unbelievers or those who don't bring their religious persuasions to the political venue. They provoke, provoke and provoke some more. They are like children who bully their way through school. Scheming, falsely accusing, sinning in their own camp with impunity, but casting stones at their "enemies". It's a travesty.

Anonymous said...

So right anything can be bought for a price so sad. I read once that Elton John performed at Rush Limbaugh's 3rd or 4th wedding. Elton said Rush doesn't hate gays !....Really Elton? Yes-Rush hates all things liberal at least on his show. But then liberal matters has added immensely to Rush's coffers.

I can't stand Lady Gaga's music but now I have respect for her saying "no!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Gaga is a wolf in wolf's clothing; the GOP are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Anonymous said...

I used to belong to a mostly "Republican" church; they would call themselves conservative. Many is this branc of religion would send highly questionable and many distasteful emails maligning the Democratic party and often targeting President Obama. I received more policital emails far more than I ever heard them speak about Jesus Christ or His teachings. Jesus was equated with the philosphies, teachings, and lifestyle of our Master. On one given Sunday, the pastor held up Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny" book as a symbol of freedom and liberty, while also warning us that his radio show probably wasn't something we should listen I am wondering why promote the author, the book, and give mention of the perverted radio program filled with vile bitterness? And when a believer tries to reason with these "Republicans" and tell them that Jesus was NOT a member of a particular political party in His day, then the "love bombing" that once took place to draw you into their church building, turns very cold and the true colors of the beast are revealed. Love turns cold and hearts are hardened against you because God, our Father, has delivered you out of a system of such wickedness and you no longer worship man, his politics, his church, the works of his have been freed and now can follow Jesus in spirit and in truth.

So what happened to Jesus in these politically charged churches? The "Republican-conservative" church claims that it "knows" Jesus better than the "Democratci-liberal" church and none speak of having a "born again" experience in coming to know Christ. And on top of all of this political chaos, the eastern religions are working their way into the temples made with human now, we must practice yoga to get in shape; body, mind, and soul. What is happening to the church where Jesus Christ is supposed to be the head?

I have to wonder, if Jesus came into our churches and preached to us, would we be a whooping and a hollering telling Him "Amen Brother, Preach It!"....or would we be hanging our heads in shame and seeking repentance which a humility that I dare say we have difficulty even comprehending. In this country, what does true humility look like because sadly, I have not seen it modeled in the church all.