Friday, May 25, 2012

An Open Letter

An Open Letter to Believers
Who Wish to Vote This Year

Allow me a couple of paragraphs as a way to explain my own point of view. Most of you know I believe the political system to be a fallen and carnal exercise. I do not vote and I do not particularly care who is elected. In the Old Testament, the people clamored for Saul and God gave them their desire. That was the first sample of democracy, which is basically sinners desiring to govern themselves.

But if you remain unconvinced, and if you still believe voting is God’s will, then you cannot, you must not, vote for Mitt Romney. And you cannot vote for a pro-choice candidate like Barak Obama. But why not Mitt Romney? The Scriptures are very clear about alliances with unbelievers, and especially open Christ deniers. Mitt Romney is not just some benign unbeliever who refuses to believe on Christ. He is an active member of one of the most powerful and successful cults on the planet.

This cult denies the deity of Christ and preaches a works gospel. So in essence, they preach another Jesus and another gospel. And the Scriptures clearly tell us not to bid such people “Godspeed”, to say nothing of supporting them for leadership over us. It is most alarming that many evangelicals who believe Mormonism to be a cult have little problem voting one in as president. And why would they do such a thing?

Three reasons. First, some believers have placed allegiance to their country over allegiance to their Redeemer. Second, millions of people including believers have an open hatred for president Obama. But the third reason is in fact the lynchpin of modern politics - money. Believers will vote for a Christ denier because they believe he can fix the economy. Now whether he can or cannot is not the issue, but the horror of such Biblical compromise is not less heretical than that exhibited by Rick Warren or Joel Osteen, both of whom will probably vote for Mitt Romney.

The Lord tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. How much greater a yoke could there be by supporting an unbeliever to rule over us? This is very serious business. When Jerry Falwell Jr. welcomes a Mormon to speak to the graduating class of Liberty University, he was asked about Romney’s Mormonism. He replies that first we need to save a nation and then we can worry about doctrine. WHAT???

Do you know what doctrine is? Doctrine is the teachings of the Word of God, so in effect Falwell is denying God’s Word in favor of supporting a man who denies God’s Son! And let me remind you all of something that I have not heard anyone address. This man, Mitt Romney, gives millions in support of a cult that continues to deceive millions and leads people into a Christless eternity. He is no bystander, he is an active participant against the Son of God and His gospel. Would God support a man who actively denies His Son and teaches others to do so?

II Pet.2:1 - But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

Joseph Smith was a false prophet who brought in damnable heresies and drew men away from the Lord Jesus. Would you vote for him if he had a good economic plan? If not, then how can you cast your vote for one of his disciples? The compromise is treacherous. Step back and take a look at what the political system demands of you. You must either vote for one unbeliever who embraces unbiblical morals, or you must vote for another unbeliever who denies Christ and whose morals continue to evolve. Would God endorse such a system or such men? And if you insist on voting, you must then write in a candidate who is pro-life regardless of his economics. Economics is an extremely poor excuse for compromising your allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Matt.10:32-34 - Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.
33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

By casting your vote in support of a man who denies Christ and gives millions to spread a false gospel is tantamount to denying Christ yourself. And if you enter a voting booth and give your support to a man who follows another Jesus, then if you have any integrity at all you must stand up on Sunday morning and confess before all that you no longer believe the Bible. God doesn’t give His commands with political caveats. He does not make allowances for active cult members to be supported by His own followers!

Do not be deceived, the evil one is stealing much spiritual integrity from millions of professing believers. And let me add another deception that is inherent within the system. When those who do not know the Word of God see millions of evangelical believers lend their support for a Mormon, they assume that the different versions of Jesus are not important and that Mormonism along with all the rest of the Christian aberrations are equally as good as the other. In other words, your support of a Mormon will aid in the deception which ultimately will lead unsuspecting sinners to a lost eternity. You may not have intended that, and you may not have realized that, but now you do.

So if you wish to remain loyal to the Lord Jesus, you only have two options. You can abstain from voting and spend the next four years in prayer and studying the Scriptures concerning the subject, or you can write in another more suitable name. But I assume most of you will not be tempted to vote for President Obama, But if you enter the voting booth this November, and if you are tempted to vote for Romney, stop and ask the Father if a man who openly denies His Son and teaches another Jesus is His will for your vote.

And since you have read this post from this obscure blog and authored by a bone fide nobody like me, I am asking the Spirit to use it to illuminate all things spiritual in your heart concerning this fallen political year in this fallen political system. You think the country’s going downhill because of liberal morals? Well, make sure you include another sign of spiritual decay in this country and the western church.

Believers are supporting a man who actively supports a religion who has stripped the Lord Jesus of His Godhead status, and who besmirchs the grace of God through Christ by a religious system of works. Go ahead and lend your support of that but do not attempt to support Christ as well. You cannot serve two masters.


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Anonymous said...

I have struggled w/the idea of voting and in 2008 voted for a 3rd party. You would have thought that I commited a crime! My husband and ex-pro Obama friend told me that I threw away a vote. So what I said after all I am an American and I have the right to vote as I choose. This Nov. 2012 there is no lesser of 2 evils so I will either write in a candidate or chose not to vote.
Also I lived in UT for 10 yrs and these people do discriminate in jobs, services, etc if you are not part of the church. It is cult central because there are quite a number of Jehovah's Witnesses, wiccans and others . God Help Us !

Thomas said...

We will be held accountable for our actions and I believe that involves who we vote for (my opinion). In 2008 I voted for the lesser of two evils and it wasn't Obama. The other wasn't much better but at least he didn't believe he was "god".

In 2012 we have a choice between a President who is in all sense of the word an atheist and thinks he is "god" and desires to be worshiped or a Mormon who thinks he is going to be "god" and desires to be worshiped although not evident at the moment, that's not much of a choice.

So, I have made a choice to vote for the only Godly and Righteous candidate available to us and that is voting for Christ Jesus, even if I have to fill it in myself. When all this mess is said and done, He will be the only One that will bring in Truth, Justice, Righteousness and Order to this insane world that is filled with insane men, who know nothing of Truth and who do not fear God Most High. Will my vote count? It absolutely will.

I will not stand before God and be asked why I voted for a man who believed he was "god". There will be no good answer to that question. The wheels of God's plan are in full motion and they cannot be stopped, the hearts of men are constantly on evil and His judgement is at the door.

Bow your knee and look up for our King is coming and sooner than most people think.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for framing these issues clearly.

My thoughts: This year is presenting a dilemma that will divide out more of those who claim to follow Christ. Americans are being sifted, I believe, by the Lord. Americans who consider themselves christians should surely wake up to the issue of unholy alliances this year, especially when framed as clearly as Rick did in this post. Those who do not, prove themselves to be deeply seduced or deeply compromised or deeply deceived. I need to pray for them, becasue i was just as deceived not long ago!I believe the Lord is arranging circumstances in order to mercifully awaken and shake His people, making the issue more obvious than it has been. It may be a holy dividing that is taking place, examples of which we see in both the old and new testaments. Those who were serious about following the Lord had to come over, or come across, or come out, or leave one place, literally separate from one group and stand or go with another, forsake everything else or the past.

The legacy of constantinianism (sacralism) is ugly and it continues to seduce people and wreak its bad fruit of rendering the "church" spiritually impotent.

"Let the dead bury the dead..." "Why do you look for the living among the dead?"

Grace to all, author and readers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, What an eye opening and thought provoking blog. Thank you for this breath of fresh air. I too have struggled with voting since before the 2008 election. I could not vote for either man then and cannot now. What I find interesting was in the 2008 primaries we received a forwarded e-mail from some group that a vote for Romney was a vote for the devil. Now the evangelicals are on his side. It is certainly a tragic state of the church in America. May the true Church the body of Christ awake

Steve said...

Your remarks are right on. The "spiritual" tradition Romney comes from is "the spirit of the antiChrist," as I understand the signs John gives us in I John 2 and 4: Mormonism "went out from us," denies the Father, denies the Son, manifests in false prophets, etc.

Just a detail, maybe, re:

"In the Old Testament, the people clamored for Saul and God gave them their desire. That was the first sample of democracy, which is basically sinners desiring to govern themselves."

Or maybe the first example of the spirit of "democracy" was when the people asked Aaron to make them a god (Exodus 32) ? Either way, of course, both are: and both trace back to humankind's choice in Eden to "turn to our own way."

In Jesus, Steve

Anonymous said...

I voted in 2008 against Obama. It seems that I always seem to vote against, rather than for a candidate. I will not be voting this year. While people cry and moan about Obama, they do not seem to realize that God gave them what they "asked" for, when they did not stand up for the Father or the Son. Take God out of your life and He will turn His head away as well. He put Obama in, He is still in control. Our church is pathetic. I cringe when I see the pagan symbols in the churches. I read some of the teachings coming from local church pastors and I almost lost my lunch. You want a Godly leader, try being a Godly follower. Thanks for the vent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rick! Your post is absolute confirmation of the Holy Spirit's guidance and conviction in my life. I told my husband a few weeks ago that I could not vote "for" a member of a cult, in order to vote "against" Obama. I also told my 95.5 year young retired Army Air Corps Dad, that I would likely not vote this year. He's also a retired Baptist pastor. He squired in his chair but not as hard as I'd squirm in the voting booth!

Blessings, Brother.

In Christ,