Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nine Plumbers and One Witness

Nine Plumbers and One Witness

A Lady went to turn on her facet and found that no water would come out. No matter how she tried to find the problem, she could not. She put out a request on an internet site and asked for a plumber to come to her house. Ten plumbers showed up.

The first plumber followed the water line to the street and found that line was not hooked up to the city’s water supply. He offered to fix it.

The second plumber agreed with the first, however he confronted the lady about her choice of sink fixtures. They were much too modern and unorthodox. He berated the lady.

The third plumber agreed with the first, but he scolded the lady about the brand of sink in her kitchen. He told her that the curator and creator of the water supply did not approve of such sinks. He demanded she replace it immediately.

The fourth plumber agreed with the first, but he had heard some objectionable music being played in the house. He was offended and continued to confront the lady about her dark music.

The fifth plumber agreed with the first, but he noticed the lady was dressed inappropriately and much too suggestively. He called the lady a slut and suggested she cover up.

The sixth plumber agreed with the first, however he noticed that this lady lived inappropriately with another lady. He was disgusted and assured the lady that her water situation could never be fixed until the other lady moved out.

The seventh plumber agreed with the first, but he wanted to pass out pamphlets to the lady so that she would vote for his brand of plumbers in the next election.

The eighth plumber agreed with the first, but he realized that the lady was a Muslim and he could not help but show his disgust.

The ninth plumber agreed with the first, but he could not stay because he had volunteered to protest against some particular non-plumbers.

The tenth plumber agreed with the first, but he had heard that this lady did not like America. He chided her and proclaimed America to be the greatest nation on earth.

Now the lady was very confused. She recoiled at all of them, and nine of the plumbers left her house offended. The lady looked and saw that the first plumber was still in her house. The lady said,

Didn’t you hear what I said?”

Yes,” said the first plumber. “But you still need water, and if you let me, I will hook you up to the water source”.

So,” said the lady, “You will help me find water in spite of who I am and what I do”.

Yes, I will.”

"But why?", said the lady.

"Because I am not just a plumber, I am a witness. And I was once without water as well."

Ultimately, the lady found water and she was able to drink.

Brethren, people need water. Living Water. But if you require them to clean up first you can never lead them to the Living Water. Remember this: The Spirit of God drew you to Jesus in spite of your disgusting state of sin. Do we not need to be used of that same Spirit to do like wise?

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