Saturday, May 12, 2012

Evangelicals Nourished by Cults

Evangelicals Nourished by Cults

In a 2010 interview on the Glenn Beck program, Jerry Falwell Jr., chancellor of Liberty University, made this statement when Beck asked him about the differences in theology between Mormons and Baptists.

If we don’t hang together we’ll hang separately, I mean, that’s what my father believed when he formed Moral Majority, was an organization of Mormon’s, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, people of no faith. And there are bigger issues now, we can argue about theology later after we save the country.”

And there you have it. It is more important to save a secular country than it is to save souls. And in direct conflict with the Spirit’s admonition about not being unequally yoked, we can join hands with Christ deniers when it helps accomplish an earthly goal. And when Falwell says there are “bigger issues” than spiritual redemption and the Person of Jesus Christ, he reveals the depth of the compromise that is spreading across the western evangelical landscape.

People died because they would not capitulate to the dictates of a secular government, and they would not join hands with organized denominations, to say nothing of cults. How far have we come? It would have been unthinkable to even suggest a practicing Mormon speak at an evangelical university several decades ago. The gospel must now wait while we save a nation that has already sunk. There is only one fallen thing on earth that can be saved, and that is a fallen soul. All other man made systems and governments are hollow constructs designed for the comfort and glory of man.

Two practicing Mormons, Romeny and Beck, have been commencement speakers at one of the largest evangelical universities in America. Do not think the compromise will stop there. Joel Osteen insists Mormonism is a Christian demonation and Mormons are brothers and sisters in Christ. When Mormons are called to address evangelical students, it is only a matter of time before they speak in evangelical pulpits and are widely embraced as brothers. The apostasy expands with great velocity and vigor.

Stay faithful to Christ. The day is coming when you may have to stand alone, and that will be all to His eternal glory.

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