Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Lions and Tigers and Bears
Oh My!

Now the debate rages. Why do the heathen rage on all sides? President Obama has endorsed gay marriage. And now the evangelical community will gasp and get all riled up. There is nothing like a good ole moral fight with the kingdom of darkness to solidify the troops. The divorce and adultery within the church is unfortunate but forgivable, but this gay marriage thing will destroy this pristine culture. Whatever shall we do, Lord???

(God) “I believe I have already answered that question in Matthew chapter 28.”

Oh yea, we know all that, But this is different. This kind of moral outrage deserves to meet fire with fire.

(God) “Do what you wish, but remember, without Me you can do nothing.”

We need you Lord to confuse the voting machines and let our votes count double. Perhaps kill all the gays that marry? Help us elect Romney? I mean come on, Lord, this is serious.

(God) “There is nothing more serious than My redemption and the message of My Son. That is what I called you to, and that must be your message.”

But Lord, the gays are going to get married! Its men with men and women with women working that which is unseemly in Your sight!

(God) “Yes, it is. And that makes them undisputed candidates for my grace through my Son. Please share that with them.”

When politicians speak it is always a mixture and a compromise driven by polls, manipulation, and a desire for power and leverage. If an altar boy and a serial killer climb into a muddy pigpen the mud will always win. The same with politics which is a system of half truths, lies, self elevation, creating enemies, and an obscene amount of wasted money. Gay marriage? The citizens of our kingdom do not care what rules the citizens of the kingdom of darkness make for their kingdom. They are always shuffling the deck chairs. But our calling is the gospel of redemption.

When a blind person trips over a chair do we castigate him for that error? What if that same blind person knocks over a vase and it breaks? And so it is with dead sinners. They are blind and all they have is the back and forth vacuous system of politics and national identity. We should expect them to act and believe like lost sinners. But what they need is Christ.

God does not condone the sin of homosexual behavior, just like He does not condone my sin. I often feel that my sin is the greater since I know Jesus and am inhabited by His Spirit and yet I still sin. I refuse to use the fact that I have never had same sex attractions as a positive in my spiritual resume. In fact, my different sex attrcations have caused me to sin at times. And whose sin is greater, the sin of a lost sinner or the sin of one who knows Jesus and has the Holy Spirit within him? The only difference is my sin is under the blood. Praise God!

Thirty seven years ago this very month God extended His grace to me and I was born again. I hope I live and extend that same grace to sinners of all stripes. I cannot get involved with the carnal and fallen ground games of this world. In other words, I desire to let Jesus live through Me and reach them.

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