Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Heterosexual Sin vs. Homosexual Sin

Heterosexual Sin vs. Homosexual Sin

In the light of the North Carolina legislation banning same sex marriage, I want to take a bold stand for Biblical morality. I embrace an uncompromising view of traditional marriage. And I also boldly endorse traditional divorce between a man and a woman, and traditional adultery between a man and a woman. Perhaps we should pass legislation defining divorce and adultery as between a man and a woman.

Sarcasm aside, I am always bewildered by the open hypocrisy of the evangelical world. I know many professing believers, and even some preachers, who had an affair which ended their current marriage and resulted in them marrying their adulterous partner. Now the church says that sin can be forgiven, and that when the state approved their second marriage it ceased being adultery. All is forgiven, come sing in the choir and tithe!

But these same redemptive minded people insist that a gay person must cease his sin before he can be considered a true believer. Ok, what is wrong with this picture?

BTW - After the North Carolina bill became law, thousands upon thousands of gay people left their partners and ceased being gay. Oh the power of earthly legislation. However it does scratch us heterosexuals where we itch.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of "gay"...
Sometimes I wonder how much the endocrine disruptors and other chemicals in and on our foods and in our environment are influencing people's behavior. If these things are changing the sex glands of wildlife in certain areas - how might they be affecting people?

I know that homosexuality existed before the use of these chemicals does make me wonder.

I'd like to add -
I believe in lifelong marriage between a man and a woman - but the reason I do is because Jesus said so. For those who don't believe in Jesus or His word - how can I impose that on them? He's not their Savior and His word is meaningless to them.

Now, if He was their Savior...then His word would speak to them and perhaps their hearts would be changed by the Holy Spirit! But no amount of moral speech coming from me is going to change them for the will only harden their hearts toward Him! We certainly don't want to harden people's hearts toward Jesus! But, sadly, that's what I see people doing all the time.

I understand the anger of the lost when people preach morality at them. I wish they'd stop so these poor, lost souls could be reached!