Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Useless Rhetoric

Useless Rhetoric

There is nothing said on talk radio or talk television that forwards the cause of God’s kingdom and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether it is conservative economics, or moral issues, or patriotic ramblings, it is all useless rhetoric that excites the flesh and feeds the self righteous nature of fallen man. And most damaging of all, it has infiltrated the church and made the spiritual life of the American church as hollow as the political issues that make carnal men and women rich simply by talking about them.

How can people be so ignorant and clueless?

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Kevin said...

I think ignorance and being clueless stem from a problem I see more and more. So many are saved and yet not converted. I don't quite understand this, but the situation does require me to regularly test myself to make sure that I am in the faith. And, to an extent, the less willing I am to share in His sufferings, the more easily and open I become to deception. However, the more I die to myself and live on the basis of His resurrected Life, the less the world seems to affect me. Perhaps if we would pray that the Father would bring to death on the Cross of Christ all in us that is not of Him, blind eyes would begin to open.