Friday, April 20, 2012



It is not enough to reject the outward following of the Lord Jesus, but now those who reject Him in truth are embraced simply based upon their “love” for a secular nation called “America”. Can there be deeper compromise and Biblical reason than this? And when a university that calls itself “evangelical” invites a member of a cult to be the commencement speaker, then it becomes very evident that they have lost their Biblical moorings at the expense of conservatism (financial) and nationalism.

Please do not quote Wesley or Edwards or Luther if you allow a heretic to address your students. If you allow Satan to have a voice to your fledgling believers, then you have become nothing more than a professing hen holding the door open for the fox leading to the hen house. Please burn the Bible and have some integrity. This is a time of great apostasy that lives under the radar called nationalism and capitalism. When someone who openly denies the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ is invited to speak to Bible students, then the compromise is complete.

Unless the Scriptures are now worthless, then anyone and everyone is embraced as part of the body of Christ. Go ahead all you that profess Christ, go ahead and vote for Mitt Romney. You are a part of the end time deception. Your God is money and morality, and you are willing to place your national allegiance ahead of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not worry, though, you will not suffer persecution from the antichrist system.

But for those who will stand for His truth and His Scripture, the time has come. If you actually desire to believe in and follow the Lord Jesus, it will cost you something. It will cost you your reputation. It will cost you your financial foundation. It will cost you your friendships. It will cost you your denomination. It will cost you your moral standing. It will cost you your spiritual acceptance. It will cost you…everything.

But it is time that following Jesus costs something. Anything. For too long our faith has been nothing more than an extension of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. For too long a person can be identified as a believer because he is fiscally conservative. For too long Ronal Reagan has been a god. For too long lower taxes has replaced the banner that should say “Jesus is Lord”.

Go ahead an walk into that booth in November and bow down to an antichrist system named “democracy”. But remember, the Christ denier in the next booth will also be placing his or her vote in an effort to wash the outside of the cup. And if your human idol happens to get elected, you and the Christ denier can rejoice together.

But just remember, Jesus has not been a part of any of it. But do not fret, Benjamin Franklin is proud of you, and if he could be raised from the dead, he could speak at your commencement service at your so called “Christian? University. That is if he could squeeze it in between his meetings with mistresses.

To defend a secular nation is more important than defending Christ. The apostasy is n now embraced with great national relish. Those who deny Jesus, if they are fiscally conservative, are not only embraced, they are given spiritual places of prominence. But the time has come that those who actually desire to follow Jesus will have to reject the “mainstream” evangelical stream who bow down to idols. If the cost is too high, then just continue to sit idly by and watch.

Jesus paid a high price so that you and I would have to pay nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing. Welcome to the western world of Christianity that lunches their ticket to heaven and resumes their life of hedonism and idolatry. It is quite astonishing and melds into the darkness. It has finally happened. We have invented a faith that is tasteless, odorless, costless, and unrecognizable in a culture that hates Him.

We might call it a “Gumby” faith. It twists to accommodate its surroundings! I just hope Romney wears his divine underwear when he speaks. That would at least show some respect.

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