Thursday, April 19, 2012

Church Debt Manipulation

The Church Debt Game
A church that my family has not attended in almost ten years sent us a packet through the mail that was filled with colorful graphs and glossy pictures. Of course it was an invitation to join another three year “faith pledge”. And what was the pledge for, and what did they rejoice in?

They had “retired” a little over 1 million dollars of debt! The entire three year “faith pledge” was to retire more of their mortgage debt which I believe is still in the double digit millions. Welcome to the western world of religious institutions that some label as “Christian”.

The Scriptures teach that brick and mortar trump empty stomachs and thirsty mouths. Yeah, right.

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Jason Fischer said...

So many western churches see debt as simply the way things are done. It is a "tool" to be used, if used "wisely".

Here's an article I wrote recently on the topic: