Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rend My Heart, Lord

Rend My Heart, Dear Lord

Oh that you would rend my heart, Dear Lord. Release all that is not of you. Sometimes my heart gives some space to the harlot, and sometimes the stiffnecked reclines within me. I attempt to ignore them, but your Spirit eventually shines His light upon those vagabonds and I am ashamed. Why have I allowed ungodly visitors to find dwelling places in the heart that is Yours? How have I accommodated such unholy strangers?

Oh that you would rend my heart, Dear Lord. Expose anything that is not surrendered to you in utter completeness. Find that which resists Your every command and anything which will not worship You in contrition and brokenness. Uproot all that is of this world. Burn away all the dross that refuses to be swept away.

Oh that you would rend my heart, Dear Lord. Search me and see if there be any uncleanness within me. Illuminate the deepest and most guarded recesses of my own heart and expose that which displeases You. I cannot bear a compromising heart although I have so often attempted to hide it. Silence all the voices that are not Yours, and especially my voice which so often suggests it is Yours.

Oh that you would rend my heart, Dear Lord. Defeat all those guards I have set in order to live with partial commitment and partial purity. Ravage my heart with Your loving correction and set before You a heart that remains broken for You. I am unable to clean myself and I am well able to deceive myself when the process becomes too painful and personal. Only You, Lord, can complete in me what is still undone.

Oh that you would rend my heart, Dear Lord. I long to experience You in all Your fullness. The thorns and thistles and cares of this world knock at my heart’s door with passion and urgency. Please chase them away and free my heart to desire You and You alone. Let me hear Your voice with love and clarity and pure devotion.

Oh that you would rend my heart, Dear Lord. When my passion becomes diluted and lifeless, let Your Spirit revive my heart with an eternal fire that cannot be quenched. I stand in need of You always. You have always been my life and yet my heart is sometimes given to straying. The rocks and weeds sometimes choke my heart and I need Your voice to remove those that are against You.

Oh that you would rend my heart, Dear Lord. Let me see Your cross once again with freshness and awe. Let my heart feel Your sufferings and Your agony. Let Calvary be a place of worship within me. My heart cannot live without Your cross. I need it every moment of every day. Let it not be stale but alive.

Oh that you would rend my heart, Dear Lord. And Lord, self righteousness continues to demand a prominent place in my heart. It is ever confronting me with both threats and words of tender lies. It hides behind pious words that seem so lovely and yet are gateways to my own selfish will and way. I abhor that which is of myself and not of You. Many times I cannot tell which is which, but many times I do not seek with diligence to find out which is which.

Oh that you would rend my heart, Dear Lord. I long for You to come and inspect my heart. Cleanse it with Your Spirit and Your truth. Let Jesus be the only King within me, and let Your glory be the only desire. Come Lord, and rend my heart.


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Debra said...

This is one of the most beautiful prayers I have read besides the prayers in Psalms (1 of my favorite books in the Bible) I lost my way in the Lord some time ago & since printing this off I get beside my bed each night & I read this with much weeping to the Lord for I know I have truly grieved his spirit. It shows how human we really are & without his love & forgiveness none of us would be fit for his kingdom. Thank you for pouring your heart out for those of us who are trying to find our way back.

Teresa said...

Absolutely beautiful! Amen!