Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Today's Feast of Booths

There is a great delusion enveloping the world in these last days. It is sophisticated and morphs into many different forms that are the most effective for each and every culture. The purpose of this deception is to blind the eyes of lost to the light of the gospel, and to lead believers into falsehoods and spiritual sleep. The only answer for deception in a lost person is the gospel, both lived and spoken. But for believers, we must search the Scriptures with a heart ready to receive correction. And the light of the Spirit will shine His corrective truth on things that He desires us to forsake, as well as things He desires us to incorporate.

I predict that in two years the same issues with the same hatred and insults will be evident in that election, just as they were in this one. God instituted human government but he never meant for His church to be involved in these secular, pluralistic, and antichrist constructs. Millions of believers will go to the polls today believing they are voting God’s way. Interestingly, many will vote differently.

The scene is a textbook case of human idolatry and greed. Greed? Oh yes, no one actually believes Roe verses Wade will be overturned (see the Bush 8 years) but most believers are voting for the candidate they believe will best preserve their personal wealth. The tea party of 1773 and 2010 were both about money. It seems the Scriptures that exhort us to rejoice in persecution and in trials stops at the political arena. Perhaps when 2012 arrives some believers who participated in this year's political extravaganza will see the light and come out from among them.

Billions of dollars have been spent/wasted in this years election. Nothing will change until the church is revived and turns wholeheartedly and exclusively to the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not care who gets elected today. I rejoice in the fact that my name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life!!



Steve said...

My fervent prayers join yours, Rick. Our God reigns: any other governmental "issue" is insignificant and misguided.

In Jesus, Steve

Victoria said...

"Feast of Booths"--that's tragically funny. Truely, the mammon-worshipping political struggles are an idolatrous religion having its own rituals and holy days. Like Baal-worship in Israel, it takes place right alongside the worship of the Living God, and must be repented of by the Lord's people.