Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Believers Rejoice!
Triumph is in the Air!

The words are the same.

This is a victory for the American people!

This is a repudiation of Washington!”

No more politics as usual!”

Could I step away from Christianity for just one second and ask you this question:
Are you really that dumb? (Sorry, just asking.)

Returning to being a believer I must again assert this all encompassing truth:

Jesus Christ is our only hope. Today is just as corrupt as yesterday, and greed and avarice will still be at the core of almost everything. Hatred and self righteousness still roam the culture treated as kings, and men still claim that they have the answers for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And living inside a culture of perversion, hedonism, and outright antichrist are sinners who profess to both know Jesus Christ and be directed by His voice. And yet these sinners, saved by His grace, continue to follow the machinations of men and allow such things to capture their minds, energies, and even their hearts. It is way past time for the church of Jesus Christ to awaken and arise!

And just as in 2000 (the last time I voted) believers are especially hopeful since many “conservatives” have been voted in. It is a sad spectacle and openly displays the sheep mentality of people. They, like sheep, will follow whoever they listen to most or last. And these blind sheep will allow carnal men of the media to applaud them for their activism while these millionaires rake in the profits. Until we, as believers, refuse to see people as liberal or conservative we will continue to live in a prison of the unredemptive “now” instead of being salt and light that shines the eternal redemption of the Lord Jesus. There can be no compromise.

The fallen world operates within the God given governmental construct. So let them run to and fro, spending money like drunken sailors and assailing each other with unkind words while painting themselves with great and swelling words. Our calling is infinitely higher than the unseemly melee called politics. Of course politics provides a sense of purpose to the fallen mind, but our purpose must not be diluted by attempting to serve two masters.

If you are not yet convinced but at least you are on some level reexamining the entire situation against the backdrop of Scripture, I invite you to watch the next two years, without even bringing Scripture into it. Just watch what men and women do and say in the next two years. Here are a few things to watch for:

Watch how politicians beat their chests with self righteousness.
Watch how often they say “The American people…” claiming them as one entity.
Watch how often they assail others.
Watch how often nothing really gets done.
Watch how quickly they begin running again looking toward 2012.

And just a side note. The President is going to spend 200 million dollars a day for a trip to India. I guess it is to organize some trade policy, however technology today includes visual conference calling for much less.

Are you surprised or angry? Don’t be. All presidents do much the same thing, and that kind of expenditure happens all the time in Washington while millions starve around the world. And one of the candidates for governor spent in excess of 50 million dollars of his own money. It is an abomination and God is not pleased.

Until we as believers climb out of the pig sty called politics, and repent of sectarianism disguised as patriotism, and leave self righteousness masquerading as nationalism, we will only be followers of Christ in our own fallen minds. But realize this as well: Just leaving those things I mentioned does not guarantee a Spirit filled walk with Jesus, it only allows that process to begin. The pursuit of that journey is achieved only through prayer and brokenness before the Lord Jesus.


Victoria said...

I want lots of people to read this and consider your points. Lord, protect me from being self-righteous about this myself, because until only recently I was also caught up in this world's systems, and it was only when your mercy began to open my eyes again to the simplicity of devotion to Christ, that I have come away unto You alone. Please help us, Your blood-bought people, to live as a witness to Your Kingdom and to Your coming judgment, and to Your cross as the way of salvation.

Steve said...

"Until we as believers climb out of the pig sty called politics, and repent of sectarianism disguised as patriotism, and leave self righteousness masquerading as nationalism, we will only be followers of Christ in our own fallen minds."

The line is increasingly clear: Christians can identify themselves with the kingdom of this world and its categories, priorities and methods; or with the Kingdom of God. We seem to be seeing a great dividing before our eyes.

Like Victoria, I pray Christians hear God's word (as in your posts) and follow Him only !!

In Jesus, Steve

Like Victoria, I pray these words

Anonymous said...

If one has truly been Spiritually re-born, the Holy Spirit will reveal that the words you have written are true.
This world is not our home, Hebrews 11.
1John 2:18,19 shows us an interesting point. I believe you are correct, Steve, when you say we are seeing a "great divide before our eyes."
The Lord is manifesting who is "of us" and who is not,those who love this world 1John 2:15