Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jesus is Coming Back?

We have preached and taught that Jesus is coming back to this earth. We have sometimes insisted that He may return soon. We have suggested He is returning in judgment and with great power. In many different ways we have presented that scenario as verifiable truth.

But how can we expect the world to believe us when all the evidence they have is how we live in the shadow of that truth? Instead of living like pilgrims passing through, we live like indigenous people who believe their future is here. And in light of that, the world remains overwhelmingly unconvinced.


Anonymous said...

Yes, many of us have not only stopped to window shop at Vanity Fair, we've settled right in and are enjoying the life there.

Rick Frueh said...

A great reference to Bunyan!

Kirk Boswell said...

Yes indeed. So many people mistake Christian liberty as an excuse for worldliness.