Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Hands of Jesus in Action

I watched a documentary on a women’s prison. I have participated in prison ministry in a small way, however I feel much sympathy for many of the prisoners. But what was different of this version of Lockdown: Raw was a particular woman who was not a prisoner. She was about 35 years old and had several children of her own, and she was a member of a local evangelical church.

This woman had felt the Lord direct her to start a ministry within the church. But this ministry was unique and special. She found a woman who was to spend 2 years in prison but whose child might be taken from her because she had no one to keep the child for two years. The little boy was under two years old. This believer volunteered to keep and watch and love that little boy until the woman was released from prison. And she faithfully brought the child to visit his mother, as well as she used those opportunities to help that mother spiritually.

Wow. The hands of Jesus in action.


Anonymous said...

Bless her! And may we pray, not for our own comfort, but to be used by God.
A few years ago a pastor told about how the early Christians would go to the Roman garbage dumps, pick up the abandoned babies and take them home, raise them, and teach them about Jesus. I'm assuming they didn't protest or carry signs or shout the "abandoners" down...they just quietly went about their Father's work.

Rick Frueh said...

What a wonderful story about which I had forgotten. Thank you, sincerely. I may google that so watch for a post. My heart is always touched when humble believers do the father's work without fanfare.