Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can You Be That Blind?

I have since the year 2000 been a strong advocate for believers in Jesus to withdraw completely from politics. Usually, though, evangelicals who do participate in politics are Republicans. But just the fact that Sarah Palin is considered a qualified candidate for the office of president should reveal how shallow and blind the political arena has become.

It has become a pitiful cartoon.


Kirk Boswell said...

Not to want anything to do with politics, you sure just expressed your political opinion! lol Just messing with ya Pastor Rick. Hope you have a blessed day.

Victoria said...

I am coming to share your opinion about political involvement, as I see the evil fruit of sacralism and see that blood-bought saints have allegience to only One Kingdom--all others are in the power of the evil one and destined for fire.
However, I'm not sure I agree with you about Palin not being qualified. Seems she has executive experience in Alaska. And in theory, our elected representatives needed only to be those wanting to serve for the common good as statesmen (as opposed to "politicians") Whatever...

Some evil fruit I observe from the over-attention to politics, and especially from sacralism and dominionism, is the rancorous contentions, the polarizing sectariansim, the slanders and stereotyping, and the divisions and scattering of sheep that grow worse and uglier each day. Many even who call themselves Christians seems to be cold and icey, even to one another!
I am repenting.

I remember a time when strangers who were born again, when discovering each other, (super)naturally and instantly responded to each other with warmth, affection, joy, and brotherliness; but now it does not seem so; and it grieves me. Now it seems we are all guarded and probe each other's political stands before we will interact or offer even brotherly affection. Have we largely put man's kingdoms above God's in importance, and are thus reaping all this rancor and iciness as judgment?
Granted, I do not interact often with very many church going christians, so this is only my small corner of the world. Lord, help me to be tender-hearted toward all as your word commands.

Rick Frueh said...

Kirk - LOL. I often attempt to point out the ridiculousness and hypocrisy of American politics in an attempt to get believers to re-examine their position.

Victoria - Palin was governor of a state whiose population is that of the city of Colubus, Ohio. She resigned after only 2 and 1/2 years. Besides her obvious shallow understanding of some of the issues, her resume lacks any substantive qualifications.

I agree with her pro-life stance, however I reject her support of her teenage daughter/mother dancing provocitatively with scant attire on DWTS.

Cheryl said...

SOme dont know but sarah Palin follows the lie of Kingdom Now/Joels Army/Dominionism..
those teachings are in ERROR..

please watch PAstor Mike Hoggard teachings on Joels Army...
GOD bless u Mr Frueh..
I also stay OUT of politics!

Anonymous said...

The Lord granted me the opportunity to speak to my dad yesterday about politics. He's a staunch democrat and I'm a Christian. I told him that I would probably never vote again - because politics is all about power. "My kingdom is not of this world," I told him. "I say let the politicians fight over this one. Let them have it - I don't care."
I also told him that those "in power" aren't really the ones in power - but there are those behind them pulling the strings that we never even hear about. It's useless to rant and rave over what various politicians say and do...
They're like professional wrestlers - fighting in the arena and shaking hands behind the stage.
I pray for them when I think of it. Pray for their salvation and that God's will be done thru them.
Where does God say he puts the less intelligent in power? In Isaiah? He rules over governments whether anyone recognizes it or not.

Rick Frueh said...

"They're like professional wrestlers - fighting in the arena and shaking hands behind the stage."

Good observation. Politics is the antithesis of the gospel. It inevitably compromises one's faith, and is void of the redemption found only in Christ.