Thursday, December 02, 2010

To Know Him

That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death...
To believe in Jesus is to follow Him.
And to follow Him leads along a path of sacrifice that is wilderness to the world,
but is glory to those who commune with Him.
Although this path scorns earthly accolades,
it leads to eternal life.
To follow in His steps is a privilege above all else,
but it requires a humility and love that is foreign to this world.
For every ounce of personal sacrifice and denial,
there is given a hundred blessings.
The greatest of these blessings is the knowledge and fragrance of the Christ Himself.
It is most difficult to communicate the experience of meeting the Lord Jesus.
It is only natural that men would think us crazy and unbalanced.
That indeed what it must appear to those who do not know Him,
but shame has no power over those who gladly follow Him.
When you have been allowed to enter the King’s chamber and experience His presence, His reality, His love, His grace, and a startling glimpse of His glory,
you cannot find adequate words with which to present Him.
As one who uses written carriers I am often undone,
especially when I write or speak of Him.
I am reduced to a child even while using some “great and swelling”
words to share what the Spirit shares with me.
I am not unaware that my writings, regardless of how verbose and
well composed, are pitiful devises that attempt paint His being, but alas,
only provide a sketch.
Jesus cannot be captured by pen and paper.
I have wept often when I write of Him, or worship Him, or pray to Him.
When in His presence my masculine pretense is quickly eradicated
and I am His servant child.
I am grateful to sit at His feet even in silent meditation.
Jesus is not just the most important part of our lives.
He is our life.

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