Monday, December 13, 2010

My Only Hope

In the weariness that is this world, I can honestly say I only really now look forward to one thing and one thing alone. To be with Jesus. I cannot imagine what that will be like, but a thousand lifetimes cannot compare with one moment of glory before His Majesty. It is what gives me strength to go on.

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Protoprotestant said...

I heartily concur with the weariness you express here and in the previous post.

When you sit back and look at it all....what hope is there?

God is at work and I can still find beauty in the world, his Grace at work. There's still the joy of your spose or children, the warmth of friendship....but oh, how I long for Christ to return.

I do not understand those who claim to be followers of Christ but do not share in this Blessed Hope....they don't groan and weep and tremble with the expectation of His Coming.

It's almost as if in their minds....right, He's coming, but I hope He doesn't show up until we finish re-capturing America...or as on friend said to me years ago, I hope I can finish college first.

I wanted to shake him. In light of eternity, who cares?

I think we're to be content....but ALWAYS restless and discontent. This isn't our home. This a realm of sorrow and disappointments. Even our joys are mingled with tears.

I want to go home.