Thursday, December 23, 2010

Religious Activity

Most of the western church appeals to the mind and the emotions. Very little appeals to the spirit. Like a cascading waterfall, the western church continues to reject Jesus through compromising theologies and carnal methods of entertainment that profess to be sacred gatherings. The Risen Christ remains an aside who only gets top billing on Easter Sunday.

Little by little believers have given over their minds to seminary trained men who are very adept at running an ecclesiastical business but who have no experience in leading a flock to the throne room of the August Redeemer. If we wanted religion with a sprinkling of Jesus, we have gotten our wish. But if we are thirsty for more of Him, then we must make a break with the stale, activity laden construct that still calls itself the church.

If you desire to seek Jesus with all your heart, do not expect much help from the visible church. In fact, what is being taught is a decidedly compromised message that is counter productive to deep devotion to Jesus. Millions of believers have spent and charged billions of dollars this Christmas time. They have spent many hours practicing choir specials and pageant scenes. They have expended much energy in decorations and preparing food. They have attended Christmas parties, both religious and secular.

But how many have spent one hour in the prayer closet with the Christ who is supposed to be at the center of this “holiday”?


Anonymous said...

Your logic in this article doesn't add up, Rick.

If a Church rejects the true Jesus 364 days in the year, it isn't going to worship Him on one special day, because it hasn't got God a spirit amongst its leadership that truly loves Him.

Rick Frueh said...

I'm not sure, but I believe that was part of my point.

Steve said...

Right on the mark. God wants to spend time with us--our need, not His--and we can't make it because we've got to practice for the Christmas program.

In Jesus, Steve

Protoprotestant said...

I left Christmas about 15 years ago. Shortly thereafter my wife and I were married. She was with me on this issue and we settled it long before I officially proposed.

We were arguing with my in-laws over Christmas and the first year we were married we accomodated them by showing up later in the day. They pulled a fast one on us and tried to do everything they could to integrate us into the goings on. I should have known better and just stayed away.

I was trying to be charitable and ease them into our non-participation, but it didn't work. After informing them we would never join with them again on 25 Dec. related activities (which we haven't)I rebuked them.

For all their talk of it being a Christian day and Christ being the reason for it, not once did they ever mention his name or talk about the Gospel narrative. It was classic Americana, lots of junk, stuffing of faces, and badly behaved spoiled children. I'm sorry to say these are Fundamentalist Baptists.

There was nothing Christian about their Christmas celebration.

In the latter days many will depart from the faith....they applied that to us, because we wouldn't celebrate a man-made holiday!

Steve said...

"They pulled a fast one on us and tried to do everything they could to integrate us into the goings on."

I had to laugh at your words. That's my experience, too: the one thing "Christmas"-believers can't stand is for anyone to opt out of their holiday.

A friend who worked as a cashier this year told me he had several people who wished him a "Merry Christmas"...and repeated it more insistently, and held up the line, when he didn't respond in kind. LOL.

But as you say, worse because "Christmasers" truly believe their "tradition of men" and its pagan borrowings are central to the faith !!

In Jesus, Steve

Anonymous said...

You and your wife have made the right decision, but are you endeavouring to teach those prople in your extended family who have not yet made the right decision?