Sunday, January 19, 2014



In order for us to continue to live as we do we must do two things.

We must reject the teachings of Jesus


We must not believe there is a hell.

And fueled by those two things we can continue to live unremarkably within a culture which lives with such a remarkable passion for sin.


Anonymous said...

Hello Pastor Rick, I think you've accurately summed up the modern church. Most modern Christians can quote/read out bible verses and completely ignore the content - sometimes it seems as though we've regressed to the days where people were catholic and heard everything in Latin. As for hell - most pew warmers don't believe that there's even a remote possibility that they'lll ever end up there. Having said that, now there are 'atheist churches' springing up all over the western world. I suppose the irony is that they actually admit to rejecting both Christ's teachings and the concept of hell.

By the way, as I type this comment on my iPhone, the system always attempts to replace hell with he'll. I suppose it's one of the major deceptions of modern times - that hell doesn't exist.

Rick Frueh said...

" Most modern Christians can quote/read out bible verses and completely ignore the content..."

Great comment. And yet these same people loudly and proudly parade their inerrancy credentials.

Cherie c. said...

Perhaps a proof of the lending over to a reprobate mind by God. We are after all on the doorstep of the return of the Lord. It is so useless to say there is an urgency to preach the Gospel while there is still time because it does not begin to say just how urgent it is.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus

your sister in Christ

Reine Gnade said...

In Mathew 10:28 Jesus said...fear him (God) which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

God loves you!

Anonymous said...

So, what do we do?

If we can't go out in the world, or even go to the worldly churches, or be yoked with unbelievers, or even visit churches that don't recognize or teach the true Godhead and gospel, who will be saved? Is the delusion so great that it's too late? Who needs encouragement right about now? Am I the only one?

I remember a few times that Cherie suggested that Bro. Rick 'preach' and with all the good teaching and correction and revelation we've received here, and with the sense of urgency we all feel, it would be so nice to hear a good preaching. (am not sure what the true difference is between a bible teaching and a sermon); to hear about deliverances and God's grace and goodness and what He is doing in people's lives, that we rarely hear about. There is victory out there and sometimes people don't share. How can others know if we don't share?

Pastors seem to be worried about setting up a polical/church system on earth. They don't talk about miracles and deliverance and the change-around of new hearts, they teach that a politician will supply the needs of citizens and that politicians should become the new savior. They stubbornly refuse to discuss the hateful rhetoric and afraid of angry christians that seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately. When a pastor goes on a cable news program and suggests that the President of the USA is setting up the path towards the anti-Christ system, where are the wise shepherds who speak out against this rebellion? It's rebellion in that our Lord never asked us to castigate others and suggest they are in league with the coming biblical anti-Christ. They've come undone. And the christians who listen to this garbage love to have it so. Would any first-church apostle gone to the pagan temples and, instead of preaching Christ, do interviews with the enemies of the High Priestesses and Priests and call them evil incarnate in the courts, to the public? They would have preached the gospel, they wouldn't have gone to the authorities and accused their perceived enemies of Christ in the presence of the public. They would have gone to the priests and priestesses and preached to them. They preached to Felix, they didn't go to Felix's enemies and slander him in public.

If there's ever a time for believers to hear true shepherds, the time is now. Who are the Body of Christ, it's almost impossible to identify one.


Anonymous said...

So, what do we do? Learning to bring the words of Jesus into our writing and prayers should be a desire of our heart and we should also recall that Jesus didn't bang a drum which continously announced that His followers were angry.
So, what should we do? Rejoice in the Lord always!

Josef Sefton