Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The American Lie


There is an on open self righteousness which emanates from the American culture and psyche. We are born into that illusion, and if you will, that lie. We hear it coming from the lying lips of politicians. We hear it from teachers. We hear it from preachers. We are told that if we work hard we can achieve anything we can dream. That is humanism in its highest form. And just like the phrase “the pursuit of happiness” it makes us our own deity and designer of our own destiny.

Here is a revealing poster which desecrates all the sanctimonious attitudes of western believers and unbelievers alike. It makes a mockery of almost all we have been taught since we were born. And as believers, we should now know better.



Anonymous said...

This is the truth of the matter.

Somewhere, that illusion got a stronghold in the minds of this generation. But the kids and young adults are seeing it come apart today. The dreams of "being anything you want to be" and seek the fulfilled life is backfiring as we see. There don't seem to be a lot of happy youth these days. There seems to be much more unglued anger.and unhappiness and mental illness. Why do we see so many anti-depression and insomnia ads on TV?

I love my fellow Americans and know there are many christians who are struggling to keep the faith surrounded by all the trappings, and it happens in my own back yard, so I am not picking on the church in America. Churches in my community are stung by all kinds of delusions too. Here comes the BUT. But, there are charlatans who push the patriotic pride to the max, and they come off as super self-righteous. If they wonder why the world has bad feelings, it's not jealousy or hate, it's disgust at the self-indulgence and materialism practiced, and the invasion of other countries for nebulous reasons - that gives them a bad reputation. It's NOT because they say they are a christian nation. It's the double standard. But what grieves the Holy Spirit so, is a child of God's claim that the new children of Pentecost in the West are God's polical/righteous/global Ambassadors who crack the whip and vote in politicians who will promise them a seat of new world power. They don't allow the Lord to implement His plan His way, in regards to Israel or any prophetic nation, they take on the mantle of Commanders who must insert themselves in the civil wars of others. It's these christians who are deceiving the masses. They are creating their own gospel and trying to dominate God's Plan. THey are drunk with their own power, these fake christians. They'll do more harm to the Body of Christ than Satan could do. In fact, it's probably Satan that is edging them on.

No wonder these fake representatives of Christ have absolutely no compassion for those who work and work and still can't survive, and call them leeches. It's a travesty to hear a person, stating they are a blood-bought christian, say the things they say in public, about those who Jesus died for. Instead of reaching them to meet Him, they taunt them and mock them on national TV. It's Ezekiel 34.

It's like we're in a horror movie. But, it's real. We desperately need a spiritual revival.


Anonymous said...

There are times when a picture paints a thousand words; and then some.

LORD, please help us to be more thankful as we submit our lives unto You.

"We desperately need a spiritual revival." J.

Bless you J., your observation in so true. So very true.

Lafe said...

People of God: do not count on a
revival to "restore" the congregation of the righteous.
I believe that God has allowed mankind to pursue his own course of
indulgences and fantasies and society is reaping those seeds.
There will be a greater falling awsy before the return of Jesus in the air to gather his saints.
What you are now seeing is to be expected in the last days scenarios.
Occupy till he comes. Be salt and light and know that God is mindful of your prayers and acts of faith.
Do not be despondent because what has been prophesied about the end days is happening before your very eyes. My eyes has seen the glory of the coming of the Lord! (where you say?....Book of Revelation!)

Anonymous said...

Rick: Many who defend the "wealth through hard work and determination" message would assert, in response to this photo, "Well, the reason those African women aren't millionaires is because they live under repressive governmental systems and don't live under traditional American-style Free-Enterprise Capitalism, which would grant them the incentive and freedom to prosper without governmental restrictions." How do you reply to THAT?