Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tributes to Democracy


In the wake of another horror, I offer you these.

Many Americans will spend trillions of dollars and thousands of lives to go overseas just to invade a country that may or may not have the capability to theoretically cause us concern. Just the hint that our way of life may take a hit results in moving mountains.

But that same American is unwilling to risk his recreational pursuit if it means restricting the use and ownership of firearms. Even if you could prove it would save lives, just like alcohol, that sacrifice is far too painful to make. Certain aspects of his earthly freedom are more important than preventing deaths, even the death of children. He will even suggest that expanding the use and ownership of firearms is the answer to the problem.

Yes, there are times where democracy is insane.

A man suddenly feels something constricting around his neck. He looks down and sees a hangman's noose beginning to tighten around his neck. It continues to constrict and he starts to choke. He looks up to see where the rope is tied and he sees that it is draped over a large tree limb and both ends are headed downward. One end of the rope is the noose itself, but he is horrified to see the other end is in his own hands.

Yes, he is hanging himself. So he has a choice, release the rope and live, or keep pulling on the rope and die. He chooses to keep pulling.

Welcome to many aspects of democracy.

The United States government spends billions of dollars to make sure people do not sell food that would make people sick, or who would sell cars that are unsafe, or who would dispense drugs that are unsafe, and they even make the food industry provide labels that inform the public of their unhealthy ingredients. The government feels it has a responsibility to protect the public. But that same government will acquiesce to lobbyists and vote continually against any substantive regulation concerning gun ownership.

The principle is clear. Democracy is fueled by greed.


Will said...

Good morning Rick! I love to read your posts, they help to keep a spiritual healthy perspective in a world that would plague the believer with so many doubts! I must say that this morning I tend to disagree with you. I do not even own a firearm and am from the deep south. (Nearly unheard of! Even my pastor owns several handguns for protection!) However, I do believe that the violence that is committed with guns would be committed by some other way if guns weren't in the equation. Also, at least one other country (Australia) has tried banning firearms and it's violent crimes escalated to unfathomable heights due to those whose heart is continually bent to do harm to others. It is my belief that the problem is with the wickedness of men, not with the right to defends one's property. Access to guns just makes it easier. Just as society needs Christ, not just "laws" against same sex marriage, it needs Christ, not laws banning handguns.

P.S. The information about Australia is from information from other sources, not from any investigative digging. Hope it is accurate for the sake of this debate.
Thanks again! In Christ, Will

Rick Frueh said...

Even if the info about Australia is true, the statistics found on the internet concerning many other countries seems to indicate just the opposite. (Britain, Canada, etc.) And if the problem is the wickedness of men's herats, which it is, then attempting to keep guns out of their hands would seem pragmatic.
The rise of mass killings has increased proportionate to the rise in firearms availability. But even if we all agree not to do away with guns completely, would it not seem reasonable to outlway all auomatic and semiautomatic weapons as well as the large clips of amunition? I do not see the downside.
But I have no doubt that because the NRA is a powerful lobby almost nothing will be done. Let us not be naive. I have found in my 60 years that statistics are often used to support diametrically different positions. We, as believers, must follow the teachings of Jesus. But even though I cannot participate in the fallen system of politics, I still believe it would be somehwat benficial to restrict the use and the ownership of guns. Perhaps a very strict set of requirements as well as doing away with the guns I prebviously suggested woul help.
But as you suggested, it still would not help in any way man's real problem. Thanks for your imput.

Anonymous said...

As a person who has lived in Australia their whole life (almost 40 years) I would have to disagree with the essence of Will's statement. Yes, we have had a dramatic increase in crime, and as you correctly state, there are 'those whose heart Is continually bent to do harm to others', however, without the potent assistance of guns, the 'unfathomable heights' of our escalated crimes seem relatively mild. You are right when you say that the real problem is with the wickedness of men, however a wicked man with a gun may terrorize more people and wreak faster havoc than a wicked man without a gun. I do appreciate that guns are a genuine necessity for many people, but we also need to think about the poor innocents who were shot dead (sent prematurely to eternity and possibly not knowing Christ). We also need to think if the survivors and family members of the victims who are now trapped in their own life sentence.

Will said...

Hey again Rick. Just responding to your response to my earlier comment... I absolutely have no problem whatever with legislation being passed concerning automatic and semi automatic weapons and such. My issue is really regarding a movement that would take away a person's priviledge to own a handgun period. As I said previously, I neither own one nor do I intend to buy one. But I also live in a relatively peaceful community and my heart goes out to those who DO live in high crime areas of the country. Also it is much easier to hold this point of view when my own family hasn't faced such tragedy as we have seen in this latest shooting incident. I pray for these families and pray that God's people will awaken from slumber and ring the warning alarm. Souls are at stake.

God bless, Will