Friday, October 19, 2012

We Cannot Allow Adultery to Derail Us


The man’s name is Dinesh D’Souza. He is a professing Christian, a multi-book author, a political activist, a conservative, and until recently the president of a Christian college. But instead of being a light which reflects Jesus, his words and views always took a more virulent tone and were used as a scorched earth policy toward liberals, gays, Muslims, and exposed a certain racist aroma concerning blacks, even though he himself is from Indian ethnicity. He was raised a Roman Catholic, but because of his virulent and caustic conservative views he was embraced by evangelicals across the country. In recent days he would describe himself as a “nondenominational” Christian, especially when addressing audiences like those at Liberty University, Saddleback Church, and the like.

But just a cursory examination of his views and of his communication of those views revealed in no uncertain terms what he believed and how he felt about those who disagreed with him. He was known for his mocking of how African Americans spoke and once offered a parody of blacks at Dartmouth College entitled “This Sho Ain’t No Jive Bro”. He helped found the Dartmouth Review which often referred to gays as “Sodomites” and he once outed a gay student by intercepting his private correspondence. His hatred for President Obama knew no bounds and he wrote a book called “Obama’s America” which was later offered as a movie.

In his book and movie D’Souza suggested Obama’s mother was a whore who had little time for her son. He showed complete disdain for Obama’s father and complained that he rejected colonialism in Kenya. It was D’Souza’s contention that colonialism, otherwise known as imperialism, was good for Africa and should have lasted longer. The book and the movie, a big hit with patriotic conservatives including evangelicals, is a treatise on unchristian views and rhetoric.

But Mr. D’Souza had been married for twenty years to the same woman. However just recently he and a woman who was not his wife spent the night together while he was at a speaking engagement. As the lies and deceit unraveled, Mr. D’Souza was forced to resign as president of King’s College. But a much larger question hangs in the balance.

When did the church begin to embrace hatred, racism, and any kind of unkind and virulent rhetoric? Are we to believe that the hateful and mocking speech was embraced by the church but because he was caught in the appearance of evil he must step down? So, sadly, adultery has derailed what was a perfectly effective pipeline for hatred and bigotry and self righteous strutting. How could D’Souza do such a thing and disappoint all his frothing followers? How could he interrupt what was such a coordinated stream of bigotry and self righteous loathing toward a varied cast of characters? And when you receive upwards of $10,000 for a speech, how could you be so careless and jeopardize such an effective cash cow?

And although there are those who can match your offensive language, we still need all the bigotry and hatred we can get. The soul of America is at stake, and we need men and women with enough courage to call the president’s mother a slut. No words are too judgmental or vile, and no speech is too offensive or over the top. Civility is for the weak, and if we show the slightest sign of humility we might as well hand the country over to the infidels. This is war and everything is on the table.

But read the statement put out by the interum president of King's College:
"God has a mighty future for Dinesh, but there are some things he has to go through first," said Andy Mills, who will serve as interim president for the third time. "Christianity is about truth, but it's also about mercy. The love and care and attention of the board for Dinesh is amazing."
See, already we are showing signs of weakness and leaving the principles that Mr. D'Souza so eloquently put forward.

We as evangelicals must place Jesus and His teachings temporarily on the shelf. Those kinds of “do unto others” or "showing mercy" examples are for a more moderate and accommodating time. But we are at war and the carnal weapons we once rejected must be dusted off, oiled up, and used with utter abandon. Yes, the devil is still an enemy, but right now people are our enemy. Liberals and sodomites and Muslims and atheists and all the hordes of American infidels must be met with language befitting their unpatriotic venture. We must fight fallen fire with fallen fire. This is no time to show forbearance or forgiveness or, God forbid, love. Those are recipes for the destruction of the land we love and the land the founding fathers envisioned. Hopefully there will come a time when we can once again try and emulate Jesus, but now our attention must be to our patriotic duty.

But we will miss Mr. D’Souza. The caustic rhetoric, the standing ovations, the entertaining slights against our enemies, all of which will be sorely missed. Who will excite the conservative masses like he did? Who will excoriate Barak Hussein like he did? Who will present all kinds of disparaging facts, regardless of their veracity, about Obama’s family? Who will unashamedly throw out red meat words like “sodomites” and watch us go into a shark-like frenzy? Ah, those were the days. The atmosphere was electric and hatred became the energy that fueled our allegiance.

How could you, Mr. D’Souza, place that in such jeopardy? Could you not have at least waited until after the election? I mean adultery is probably a sin, but you were such a stalwart of divine retribution so perhaps you could have been a little more discreet. This adultery thing has derailed many a conservative voice, but could you not have followed the excellent leadership of Newt Gingrich? Here is a leader of men who not only practiced multiple adulteries, but found ways to press on even while having his mistresses at his side. You see, being clandestine with your affairs just invites trouble. Bring them out in the open, recite new vows in church, and carry on with your rancor and unrelenting scorched earth policy toward these liberal miscreants. We need more General Sherman’s in our camp.

Well now its over, I guess. But as I have suggested, give Newt a call and allow him to help you navigate through some rough waters. Perhaps you can feed some good speeches and pejoratives to others while you await your restoration. Use God’s forgiveness as leverage as you make your way back to evangelical prominence. Remember, God’s forgiveness is for conservative patriots and never for those who seek the destruction of the Judeo-Christian ethic.

And as for the church, well, I hope we have learned a valuable lesson. If we wish to continue our vile verbiage and our self righteous moral platitudes, we are going to have to be much more intelligent about our personal lives. If we wish to continue our demeaning attacks and verbal incendiaries’ then we must realize they come with a price. We cannot expect to enjoy the fruits of our vitriolic efforts and our corrosive divisiveness if we are not going to at least show some decorum in our personal failures. And just in case we are uncovered, have a dose of God’s forgiveness tucked neatly in your pocket ready to be pulled out when necessary. That is wisdom. Please do not pull it out ahead of time since others may get the wrong idea about the scope of God’s offer of redemption.

As I said, there will come a time to believe and obey the teachings of Jesus, but now is not the time to turn back. We continue to make much progress toward a return to the utopian vision of our founding fathers. And if we press on, stepping over the inconveniences of marital infidelity, we just may look forward to a culture free from abortion, free from homosexuality, free from liberalism, free from Sharia law, and where we can live and raise our children in peace, prosperity, and with a return to the original vision of owning slaves. But this time, having a more enlightened view of Christianity, we will allow our slaves to worship in our churches, but of course in a designated pew in the back. George Washington would want it that way.


JMD said...

If my memory serves me correctly we have had several prominent ministers who admitted to improper sexual behavior. Most are still in the pulpit. So much for discernment from their flock.

Anonymous said...

This is so much spiritual food for thought. Thank you.

It's indescribable how so many have jumped into the ring and behaved like this featured man. I don't like to use stereotypes, but the "right-wing" christians, as they are called, by media, are being exposed as the biggest hypocrites of the 21st century, IMO. Maybe we haven't seen nothing yet, but how bad does it have to get before multitudes of christians come out of her. We may soon see two distinct groups, calling themselves christian; the deceptive church, and those who are coming out of her. I pray that the Lord protect us all. Each and every day we read of spiritual leaders, christian republicans, pastors/turned/politicians who behave like Mr. D'Souza.

Of course, Mr. D has access to the Lord for repentance and forgiveness; but the lack of forgiveness he showed others is not a true witness to the Lord Jesus.

What these people are doing is turning unbelievers away from anything to do with who Jesus really is. Lots of alternative religious, liberals, atheists today hey say they admire Christ, but don't admire his followers; this from so many speaking from all over the blogs.

The "right-wing" who are so proud the Founding Fathers dedicated America (they say) to God, sound like they are deluding themselves, as their priority seems to have nothing to do with the God of the Bible. It sounds more like they enjoy the power and conquest, and wealth and they love a good fight; they want their 'man' to give them good fortune, prosperity, and just talk a good talk about principles.

Anyway, it's very sad for the family of this man, and like so many, Satan is now trying to destroy anything and everything that is holy. There are lessons to be learned here, that maybe, in fact, judgment is now coming to the Church first.