Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Playing the God Card


God is holy. He must not be used for anyone’s purposes. The question is not is God on our side, but are we following Him. But when believers play God as leverage for their politics it is not only unseemly, but it circumvents the ministry of the Holy Spirit and places it in the manipulative hands of men. There is a case to be made for believers to consider the entire specter of national politics and weigh its spiritual benefits. And if you decide to participate, then it also behooves you to pray about how you participate. This is not just about moral issues, as important as some of them are. This is also about honoring the Lord Jesus Christ in all we do.

But it was not enough for certain employers to warn their employees about losing their jobs if President Obama is reelected. But HERE comes a former minister who openly suggests eternal consequences for those who vote against the interests of God. The stakes have been raised. God must have dispatched scribe angels to follow you into the voting booth, see how you vote, and return with a report. And when God hears how you voted, you may be in big trouble. And Huckabee uses the word “fire” to give you an idea of the seriousness of your vote.

It is no secret that Huckabee has endorsed Mitt Romney who believes in a false Jesus and a false gospel, but apparently moral and economic issues override those theological issues. But not only does God really not care about a candidate’s spreading a false religion, but God is ready to exact judgment upon those who do not vote for Romney. This is nationalism and idolatry at its zenith. I guess God is not able to elect who He desires and is at the mercy of the people’s will. Yes, this is most enlightening.

The fear mongering and the suggestion of divine retribution is an especially nice touch. Just when I thought the carnality could not reach any deeper, this ordained minister raises the bar. And if Mitt Romney does not win the election, what will the 2016 election bring? I mean that will be our very, very, very last chance to save a nation. And since the threat of God’s fire did not persuade voters in 2012, what threats will be needed in 2016? How about lit torches and pitch forks? Stockades and racks? Perhaps it is way past time to bring back the ever popular burning at the stake! I mean Donald Trump could advertise it and Chic-Fil-A could cater the entire event.

Since God does not seem capable of getting rid of all these earthly miscreants, it is time to take matters in our own hands. Let us corral all the gays, all the liberals, all the socialists, and the pro-choice crowd, all the illegal immigrants, and all who sympathize with them, and let us light a flaming bon fire and dance around it like students at a football rally. And by the light of those flames we can read aloud the Declaration of Independence, and after it is read we can take the Lord’s Supper using cups with George Washington’s picture inscribed on them. And in the closing ceremonies we can all recommit ourselves to our faith by being rebaptized in water that is colored red, white, and blue.

What a wonderful gathering that would be. But this one thing we do know, that if Mitt Romney is elected as president everything will be great once again, and God’s hand of judgment will be stayed. And as he is sworn in with his hand upon the Book of Mormon, perhaps, as is the tradition, Romney will hang a portrait in the White House of His own choosing. Joseph Smith. We can only hope for such a utopia.

You see, in the midst of a political card game, when someone plays the God card the game is over. And I do mean the Donald Trump card.

Do you really want to play the God card? Come out from among them and be seperate.


Red Mark said...

Hey Rick, a friend of mine just turned me on to your site ... And from what I've read so far, I couldn't agree more!! .. Going forward, I wiil continue to read your posts ..... It's refreshing to finally hear someone besides my own site telling the truth about these candidates and all the misguided nationalism ....

Red Mark

Evelyn said...

I agree with everything written in this post! I've recommended this site to several people, Jesus said "the truth will set you free."