Sunday, April 10, 2011

Followers of Jesus
We are mean to others when we need to be. We borrow money just like our neighbors. We speak words of gossip behind closed doors. We encourage our children to be successful. We divorce when it serves us. We pledge allegiance to the flag. We try and save up money for ourselves. We are entertianed by violence and sex. We hold musicians in high esteem. We like and dislike people based upon their politics. We go to church. We teach our children to be competitive. We observe holidays. We drive over the speed limit. We own an abundance of clothing. We watch many hours of television. We spend much money eating out. We applaud individualism. We love our pets. We abhor all kinds of personal suffering. We complain when our pocketbooks are affected. We share negative things about our employers. Inconvenience makes us unpleasant. We go to war. “We are followers of Jesus.” “But”, say our neighbors, “We do all those things and we are not followers of Jesus. What makes you a follower of Jesus?” “Because we say so.”

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Anonymous said...

Short and to the point.
And a good point it is...