Friday, April 08, 2011

Counterfeit Redemption

There she is; dancing around and on a pole. Men are glaring at her with evil intentions and planning their next move. She wears her most alluring face and smiles, beckoning at anyone who is watching and especially those who might have money. She offers herself on different levels. Inside she is empty beyond words. She left high school early and escaped the home life which had tortured her through all kinds of step father abuse since she was 9 years old. She knew her mother was aware of much of it, but her mother refused to intervene. New wounds opened up on top of freash scars; she drank daily from a mixture of fear, hate, and immeasurable shame. Hopelessness was her constant companion, and from time to time her self loathing led her to cut herself. Drugs? Whatever could soften the pain was welcomed into her mouth as quickly as she could get it, and alcohol was her daily bread. Any male who showed her any attention could have her on the same night she met him. Without skills or education she sought a way to earn money. She found it through stripping. So here she was performing her nightly masquerade in hopes of living one more hopeless day. Please, brethren, do not feel sorry for this immoral specimen. She is a slut by any definition, and she is a mockery to womanhood. She provides a wonderful example for sermon fodder, and her life can be castigated with Biblical terms such as harlot, whore, and temptress. If she votes at all she probably walks the liberal line, and when you see her in the grocery store, point her out to your children as one who hates God. This witch pollutes society and upstanding and patriotic believers must take a stand against such people. And we can feel good about ourselves as we kick these miscreants since the New Testament is full of examples of how Jesus Himself attacked sinners. We walk in His footsteps. And if she turned out to be a lesbian, it would only be icing on the moral cake we have baked. But if she repents, we might love her. Jesus died to have these people banished from our culture and stricken from the record of human existence. Oh how I love Jesus.

(As we worry about a government shut down, millions of lives have been shut down long ago. I was once one of them. I will never forget.)

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