Monday, October 11, 2010


The twitter phenomenon illustrates several things:

Fleshly voyeurism, time wasting, self absorption, adolescence, and some of the more unpleasant thoughts that usually remain hidden in the heart.

Other than those it is a profoundly spiritual activity. (Not)


Radiance said...

Paul Washer is an exception to the norm. I glean much spiritually from visiting his Twitter page once a week:

Here are a sample few:

"We are the personification of weakness in every way. He is the epitome of strength. How can we not cast ourselves upon Him in hope for help."
2 minutes ago via web

"Separate time to be alone with God. Make prayer the first item of daily business. Determine to meet with God; to win the battle kneeling."
41 minutes ago via web

"Why will you run and labor and sweat and fret? There is greater benefit from striving in prayer than from striving in the flesh."
43 minutes ago via web

"In the midst of trials, we rarely rise above our true character. In fact, our true character is revealed by trial."
2:12 PM Oct 11th via web

"A Christ-like character is our greatest shield against sin when we are tried by difficult circumstances."
2:09 PM Oct 11th via web

Rick Frueh said...

He is one of the spiritual exceptions.